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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yes, The why am I slim down

They said I'm slimmer, am I ? I don't think it is obvious, physically . I'm still working on it. But my eyes are bigger.. haha .. in fact my eyes are small like a _____________ . I will tell you how to make it big .. here ..lolss
Since last week went to the beautiful fair, I had my weight check. I lost 4 kg .. Yet I really don't know is the water loss or fat loss or what was loss ? I don't care ( so sorry although i am a food science n nutrition student, yet I am just as typical as the young girls out there ) ... as long as I am LESS fat ( although not thin ). but I think is due to this .( bear in mind, effect is varied to individual , and I don't guarantee any adverse health if happens . And, I still don't is fat / water loss thus I lost my weight . Please judge by yourself ya ~ )
What ?? HOW ??
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