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Monday, March 31, 2008

tomorrow i want to eat fry chicken rice

ops .i should say today ... after my class ..or .. maybe before going to class , i want to eat fry chicken ... suddenly addicted to fry chicken .. kakaka .................. sleprs....................... haisz... so suffer now ...tomorrow have many things to do again ........................why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



wow. .im ocnverting rmvb files to dvd now while im moving 17++gb files to another partition , and im watching drama , and im blogging , and im surfing 5 firefox , and im chatting to 2 windows..wahlau hang pc realy suxx.... when i have money i want to buy a poweful cpu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but compared my old cpu .. this is already very geng ... coz it hasnt hang now .. hahaha.....if last time .. i dont know have to reset how many times ledi....

Thursday, March 27, 2008


yesterday i got accident ... haiz ... duno i clashed d motor or d motor clashed me ... when i opened d door , besides driver'side , our car was stopped n double parked ... suddenly a motor from behind clashed n passed by .. haiz .. then the passenger injured on her toe ............................... sian aa ...............................i hate motor .... my nightmare ... i hate kajang too .. coz many motor ....dlx

Monday, March 24, 2008


今天我在图书馆外买了一杯饮品, 对,是一杯饮品,就是那种机器冲出来的饮品, 我买了一杯米咯并。。。。





我对食物卫生很敏感。。不知道是心理作用还是真的脏。。。每次去到不干净的地方吃东西都会感觉不舒服。。。 所以我很少在外面吃。。 除非我觉得那里很舒服,干净我才会大吃。。 不然。。。。我会觉得浑身不自在。。。。。。。。。。。



鹅鹅鹅鹅鹅鹅鹅。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 吐到好恶心。。。。



刚刚才有空看完聚会的照片。。真可惜没有在他家的门口拍啊。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。我变肿了。。。。。烦啊。。。。。。。。。。。 几时会变瘦?

Sunday, March 23, 2008


妈的。。。 真的忍不住要骂粗口了。。。 超忙啊。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。


明天要present titas , 又有tutorial, 晚上还有开会 , 又要交 korean 功课 ,又要准备韩文口试 , 又要做废到够力的化学assignment, 又要做超废的 speech communication 的  assignment 和presentation , 还有storytelling .........啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊。。。。。。。。。。 下个礼拜又有microb quiz ...啊。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 突然想起这个拜四考microb lab experiments aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 死定了。。。。 讲鬼多东西做。。。。。。。。。。。。。现在。。。。。。却在发呆要先做哪样。。。。。。。。。。。怎么办。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stmike's kl gathering - 22032008 - Pavilion KL

i jz realized it is so long ... so with better font size and cute style and comfort colour will make you read better ??


finally ... our 1st gathering in KL had done ~~~~~~~~~~ wowwwww .... so nice nia ..although only 6 of us ...but .. it still a very nice gathering .. emm .. 11 am ++ we gathered at pavilion , apple's girl friend was coming together with her but she didnt join us until 4pm . the 1st thing we did was , saying hi , of course .. then she became our cameragirl .. haha .. then we went to wong kok char chan teng at 6th floor .. emm .. quite hard to find it because it located at a dead corner , excuse me to say so but really hard to be seen . we were really early to there because when we went in , no people served us [ wkcct , your service so sux ! the most sux among the branches ] only 2 waiters i saw , there was only few tables who people sitting .. then we also take our place , beside the windows , well it seems nice but quite hot and the view was not good ==" . i saw a table having 2 leng zais sitting ... not bad la ..ada sikit good view finally ..haha ..but then apple said they were gay :( so sad .. why recently so many gay zai gay lou .. and they are so yau ying , ying jun , siu sa , hou san choi.... haiiizzz i am single hou mou .. give me some chances .. lolz ... then we took our order .. emm i think half an hour++ we think of what to order .. hee .. because i am kimgary's fans .. but it's ok .. the environment not bad , and the hit songs made me want to go to K but nobody interested , but i also not really intend to go b'cz today mahal a!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then .. finally we made our order jor [ photos are coming] . While we were waiting , we took alots of photos ,but unfortunately ... we all were not in the photos at sometimes coz 1 have to be sacrified to be cameraman ... then the dishes came , and we caught chance to ask the waiter to help us to take . cheezz .. the 1st photo captured and apple spontanenously requested the waiter to take two but he also has not time to reject and said ..a .a.a .. cancan .. haha .. then the guys laugh. after that we had our lunch .. but we took the foods too especially ah john's dish , he ordered 1 big tong of noodle soup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out the photo .. lhahah ... jk but really funny when they acted during photo taking . mak goh ordered portugese sauce with pork chop cheese rice .. emm .. taste ma ma dei but looks golden ... really portugese's style . then we chatted till around 1 pm ++ , n apple have to go to watch movie with her friend , then we paid bill and walked out from wkcct . yea finally i found the view i wanted ,and we kept taking photos around . at 6th floor , baskin robin was also there . and there are few hanging seats outside the shop so i n kp walked and sat there to take photo . the guys went to toilet during this time . when they came back , since the place we sat having a reflecting mirror then we started play with the mirror.. haha .. check out from the photos too .. then kp had to go movie and we start our own shopping . from 6th floor we walked to 1st floor .. almost everyshop we pass through .. and we went into adidas , nike .. sports' shops . oh ya .. we kept saying to queue at ...but we didnt . not many people but we dont really want to eat as well . the guys said so stupid Q thr to buy it .. haha .. they said we shopped from few peoples until many people , from 6th floor to 1st floor and to 6th floor .. lolzz ... really shopping .. back to 3rd floor which is the main entrance , we sat at the stair and see the event at thr stage , which is 1 F1's event .. the public participated in the games , a car racing game .. gift is rm4k .. they said want to go to try , we have 5 chances .. haha .. then they also muk luiz , not the show girls but the foreign girl who helped the mc == ... emm .. it was a raining day , so we cant get back to sgwang after we finished 'shop' in pavilion ... we just sat there and wait ... and wait apple to finish her movie and see next round to where .. actually they just waited for her friend .. haha.. 178 girl .. but they wanted to go sushi so we didnt join them. we took last photos in front of levi's and said goodbye there to kp . choo jian yi had drive and he also parked in pavilion , therefore he fetched us and drop us near lot10 so that we can go back to sgwang ... and then he also bye bye with us jor ... left we 4 legs .. so we shopped in sgwang .. mak goh wanted to buy shoe so we just shopped around , and finally he bought his new shoe .. he must be the most happy cz he had hasil .. lol .. then actually we planned to have dinner together also so that mak goh no need eat mcd today ..hee but we dont feel hungry till 6pm .. and the rain never stop ..== ... so we decided to go back earlier , i n mak n john went to bkt bintang monorail , while wuichong have to take bus so that he canreach home directly but the rain makes him cant cross to the bus stop .. but finally .. he also had to take bus n got wet .. i reached home at 7.30 ++ .. wow , today i walked alot .. shopping is really a good exercise and diet method . we planned about the year end's gathering .. i suggested dec do not go back sdk n celebrate xmas n ny here . lol .. its true wat .. utar holiday starts at 24 dec a ......................................  and i expected even if i back at end nov i will go back kl b4 xmas too lor ....n if i only go back b4 xmas n return after ny ... mahal la ....  and im not sure who will not at sdk during that time .. meaningless... if we stay here , we can go genting having xmas ... then we can sing during weekdays which is damn cheap ... we pay for the same price to cinema but we have a better seat , visual and sounds .. why not ... we can go to melaka also ...yg dekat la ... jb etc tu tanya yg utm tu .. heee . the 2nd plan is CNY 09 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next year no excuse to not to going back because next year CNY has a very good holiday period . so everyone must be in sdk after friday , a week before 1st day of cny , and the sunday after cny . no doubt ! the whole week is enough for all to gather .... the 3rd plan .. the coming may gathering .. hehe .... what we want to do this time ? suggest it .. i think only ah loong is not there this time .. other should be appear too .. why u all so early return .. i told hiew to go to his house , bbq there and celebrate his birthday what ! dont give him chance to escape .. kakaka



when i met my old friends , i really felt we getting older .. after f5 ... what we did for so long ? it seems like we just graduated yesterday , but time gone so fast . when we under 18 , we have our meet at kfc , tuition centers , cool , pasar , wearing scholl uniforms ; when we just passed 18 , we met at the restaurant ,the chinese restaurant , corner shop , near digital wise that1 , emm , same row with kfc , maybank that , i really cant recall .. whereelse .. emm maybe friends' houses , like bbq at tham goh , mak goh's houses , because we didnt have transport , emm .. got lar .. the time i most frequent out with simon , yaukee , ket q , miah , went to indah , qqice , pei dan gau , equator , tropical , subway , indahclub . after that , we went into stpm , diploma respectively . and this was the time we all getting far from each other . i cant recall exactly how long i or we didnt contact with wuichong , i got lar guys yg heartless tu i dont know .. haha .. atleast i still ada sms him .. although tak tau brp lama once .. hahahha ... but he alone went to cheras , and he only back for once at the wrong timing lagi .. i can only said that i dont have memory that i had meet him after f5 == .. the time he went back i was not in sdk also . and today we met lar finally .. haha ... 3 years + ... choo jian yi .. yep .. i met him during the gathering last time , i think , last 2 years if im not mistaken , we gathered at times square .


really a complicted feelings after the 1st gathering .. 真的有好朋友好久不见的感觉 .. lolzzzzzzzzz .......... i have 1 more gathering series of photos in my photo albums . although 6 of us , but i think ok jua la... if we got 10 people , and this morning we went to wkcct , how we gonna sit together ? haha ... the positions there setted very nice to us today right ??? 6pax ... next gathering we have to think wisely where to have lunch sin so that can fit all of us who present ..


emm ... talked to abit far jor .. oh ya .. when we grew even elder , now , in university level , we went gathering at qqice , jesselton ,  mana2 in indah .. m4 pasar , until 3-4 am1 .. bistro , encore , cinema , dinner at indah restaurant , no more bbq or what in houses , steamboat , ate pei dan gau in the early morning at sim sim , went to sukau .... bbq or party at home is good , but the problem is does the host like it ? i dont mine la if you all want to come to my house but my house after 8pm my parents sleep .. not good .. haha .. wait someday im home alone then you all baru come to zok fan , but the others' im not sure , yeah we hav fun at home because more comfortable , and we also pay , but sometimes bring troubles to the host we really not intend to do so because we think for others' feelings , somemore , if we pay as well , just go restaurant and we just pat pat butt after having the meals ...hahah ..we went to anywhere we wanted to go because we have transport .. can you see the changes ? the places we went , the expenses , the way we gather ..  although in kl we by lrt / monorail / buses .. but in sdk only i meant . so , after 5 years , i believe this scene from sdk will shift to kl here too , but i wondered , how many of us will still in kl ? we might separate even farer ... abroad ? other cities within penisula ??   even this gathering also hard to make it since all of us having differnt timetable , and future when we worked ?? even harder .. so find a job weekend no need work1 .. hee .. but i think 5 years later i havent graduate ..


the coming stmike gathering will only be during may because the following days we all haveing final already .. although there is study week .. but to make a successful gathering isnt easy ... so .. 2nd kl gathering .. jz held it after the next sem la .. haha ... july / aug .. mak , john , tham goh you 3 are stars of the august so im sure make a gathering and celebration for you guys .. ask tham goh to come kl during that time .. haha ..


oh ya .. birthday .. wui chong and apple were stars of the march ..actually i hope this gahering made on last sunday , the same place too , because we can order that big tong of lai cha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ but the sau sing gong worked in pwtc until 10 pm ==" so postponed until this week , yet still some of them were not able to come but i dont want to postpone anymore , because as ah loong said , more or less people also nevermind, as long as yang penting tu appear then can jor .. haha ... but nvm lor .. if want to drink the big tong lai cha , my birthday you guys invite me go then we can enjoy lar .. hahaha ...


* blanked * .. i have to review the photos today then i have more to tell but most of the photos in kp's camera just wait for her photos to be uploaded








wat ??????????????????????????????????? NOW 10.12 PM JORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ????????????? i wrote this for 1 hour ++ ............... havent washed dishes ..havent mop floor , havent buang sampah .. havent do assignment .... just now still can cook alot .. hahaha ... sweet corn soup , taufu , vege , fried rice ... hmm .. what did you guys have for your dinner just now ? mak goh ate mcD again ? omg ... 





k lar .. have to stop here jor .. my drama calling me .. my new bedsheet on my bed also calling me but i dont bother it because im excited today !! i miss you my friends !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ muaks * muakz *

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

好惊啊 !!!!!!!!!

12.15 左右, 我出到ukm正大门口, 当时我的车排在右手边第4 个位子, 那时是红灯。 对面马路青灯, 突然我听到一声嘀嗒,我以为我碾到什么了, 不管。。。把我最爱听的不能说的秘密演唱会版开大声一点。。就在这个时候,两个警卫跑着前来。。天啊。。啥事?我。。。我。。。。没犯错喔。。。他们直跑到红绿灯前。。好彩。。不管我的事。。。。哦。。原来对面马路有架wira撞到前面的车了。。。。他不得以的把车继续u-turn .. [往fasa3那个方向]后面的车也慢慢的避过撞到的路线。。当时下着毛毛雨。。那两个警卫看了看, 又走到左边看两看[大门口左边]。。。 又走回亭子去。。后来他们又走去对面马路的红绿灯下,嗯。。。我只看到很多一张张的纸。。一叠叠散在地上,[我以为是那架wira的司机的notes/roadtax..etc] ..可是他的大镜没破, 只是车头毁了,怎么有酱多纸啊。。在这个时候,这个wira司机又横冲直撞的驾到我要走的那一条路[去kajangtown那边]。。这时那两个警卫把捡到的纸拿回厅里, 这时我这里青灯了,在这个时候。。。。。。。。瓦啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊。。。。。。有一个merz 从我要转的那一条路后退过来。。。。。。。。。。我在路中间阿!!!! 他要干嘛。。。。他不会是要退来我这里吧?什么事啊??????????????? 不是。。。 他是后退进我们大学入口的厅里旁边, 那时那两警卫刚跑回到哪里,还有另外一个不只是谁的人站在那里, 他们三人吓到来不及逃, 那个merz真的退得很快。。。 这时merz里有两个人一前一后的从车里跳出来,他们带着帽子[就好像工人戴的那种布帽],穿这一身烂衣[因为他们坐的是merz ,我很难想象他们穿这样会从这种车里走出来]。。 他们要抢警卫手上的纸!! 我过了路中间, 前面的车都停在路边巴士站了。。 我也待了一会。。这时前面又有一架kenari爆了大镜停在那里, 刚才那个wira的司机和kenari司机[ 我猜] 一直喊去追那个merz,[也有一个安弟很慌张的站在巴士站里] 这时有一个警卫架着motor过来了解情况吧, 那个kenari司机很生气, 很赌烂的赶快叫那个motor阿贝去追那个merz ,他讲那个是samun之类的。。可是这个阿贝无动于衷。。直直驾前去。。另一边路边就有一个热心的马来同胞问什么事,然后立刻冲着去帮他追那个merz。。[他驾p.saga].这个事主也遇上了朋友。。然后我要前进了我好害怕。。虽然我很想去帮忙, 可是我只有蕉仔, 我也没这种本事。看到那个男的表情,真的觉得这是什么世界啊。。。。好无辜哦。。。。为什么。。。。他们可以驾着merz来打枪。。。。真是好害怕哦。。


经我分析了一轮, 我想这是一宗驾车祸真打枪的事件, 可是讽刺的事。。 在我的大学门口, 却没人帮得了忙。。

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


终于。。。。 假期来了。。。 最近都觉得很忙。。还是要装忙呢?我不懂。。 不过这种日子我真的受够了。。 可以给我新生吗?我好期待, 离开过去, 展望未来。。我的未来会在哪里?会飞到哪里?停在哪里?


这个星期六, 终于。。。我的stmike gang全都可以出来了。。好想念某一些好久没见的老朋友, 好亲切地感觉, 好期待。。目的只有一个。。聊。。。。然后拍多多照片。。。。 真的好想你们啊。。。。。。。。。。。真的好想你 


有人说,夜晚是特别的宁静。。也是在这样的夜晚感觉特别孤独。这个夜晚,很宁静,我的心也突然觉得很孤独。不懂是早上睡得太多,现在睡不着;还是有事情还是一直困扰着。。 最近还真得很忙,虽然我都不懂在忙什么,可是就觉得人生没什么乐趣。。我好像开始后悔了, 可是我不能回头了。。我只能撑下去。。到我不能撑为止, 无法呼吸的生活,每天过着行尸走肉的日子, 我好希望看到另一个世界。。每天都带着希望,可是最后都是失望收场。。希望,失望。。兜兜转转。。还是站在原点。 收到不好的消息, 希望又再一次变成失望, 这种心情到底要继续到什么时候?跌到谷底的心情, 只能在这挥洒几句, 明天一早又是另一张脸, 好厌倦这种生活了,让我有个句号可以吗?有谁能为我画上这个句号?我很好奇, 到底他是谁?有时我觉得我们应该要独立,可是再独立的我。。也希望有可以依靠的时候。我真的累了。。我不能做些什么, 但愿神给我多一点时间。


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Saturday, March 15, 2008


有人说 , 当两个人的手牵在一起的时候, 你我就开始相通
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