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Sunday, July 24, 2016

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Never realize I have abandoned my blog for so long and this is the first post in2016. I am guilty when I start to blog, the intention is not to share my happiness but to minimize some negative feelings in me at this moment, kind of some soul healing ways for me.

When I was sorting out the photos, all that great memories flashed back in my mind and the feeling is still so strong and intense. There are almost 1.2k or more photos from my phone alone, 11 days wandered from Germany to Slovakia. It was so short for me and I never know I could do it. All alone by myself.

This trip was planned 2 months before my departure and the ticket was funded by my company ( I guess this is the first time I mentioned about my work here ? )

Yup, I was the best sales person in 2015 and won the award called President Club Award (PCA). The reward- I got to go GERMANY ! Berlin is the HQ.

I was not excited or expect anything gonna happen since I won it , all the way until the award dinner night . I also did not feel worried, panic about backpack alone to Prague and Vienna, all alone. I also did not do much itinerary planning where to go, what to do for my extended trip. That's me- esther chung is wanderlust (EcWanderlust) . No expectation for what is coming to me, I just take whatever comes to me and accept what would happen next.

I do not know where to start the story of the journey. What opening should I put?

I am so grateful and blessed for what I have been gifted. I made a wish to God last year that I will travel to Europe this year or before I am 30, at that time I did not know if I will win PCA, I just made the wish that I have to travel this year out of Asia. And this year kick off meeting, I was announced as the winner. At that moment, my only feeling is, okay.. I am the one who going to Berlin.. alright .. that's all... I also did not expect that I can do solo backpack, I just extended the trip and planned after that, 2 months before I departed.

I am now 29 - 2 months. I am so blessed that my life, from I started to work, I got my car, I got a job that I love, I owned a house last year, and I've been to Europe this year. Everything is so completed and fabulous, before I am 30 years old, as a modern working lady today in this society.

I asked God recently, for me to meet a man who appreciates me all by his genuine heart, I do not know is this too hard, too demanding to ask. I am still looking for the answer. Of course, I always know there are so much of you who love me unconditionally, give me hugs, foods, wines, or just silent company whenever I am having low tide and down moment. I can't express how much I appreciate it, I always pray and love everyone more than they love me, somehow, it always hidden deep in my heart, sometimes I can't even see it too.

Danke everyone. Because of you, I am standing right here. Because of you- who loves me, who hates me, completed who I am today.

Stay tune for my fantastic journey from this blog.

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