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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man, we are not your maid !

Today was trapped in Kesas all the way from Puchong ... Puchong is a place which it jam all times like there is no tomorrow ....

Meanwhile listening to the radio, they talked about can you ( the boys) tolerate your girlfriend who doed not do any house works ? And ... most of them cannot accept that a girl cannot do house works. But, they themselves the guys also do not know how to do ( most of them said : I also dont know how to do ar ... )

I always hear guys complained their girlfriends never do house works .. but when question them why don't they do by themselves, they always say they don't know how to do ...   What do you mean by " you don't know how to do ? " .. you dumb ... *nah*

I can do, and I do when I want to do house works. But we are not your maid who lets you to order me to do house works , and you told me you cannot do because you don't know how to do ... argghhhh .....

I just cannot accept ... Do house work is something neutral, not girly,  but all men always presumed their grandma, their mother, their sisters, their girlfriend, their wife born to be doing house works =.= " !


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