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Monday, November 30, 2009


相信绝大部分的人, 最喜欢十二月了。因为它象征着新的一年快要来临,而且有两天公共假期~哈。。。今天是十一月最后一天,还是星期一,有点blurblur的。。。难道明天会生气勃勃?但愿。。

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Penang 15/11~ part 2 : The Paintball

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15.11.2009 Sun 11am @ Penang Island

arrival . The base .

Changing shoes

After Game 2 , where my team lose and then the last game was most exciting , as we all are robot which will never die ! That is to say , although you are shooted , you still stay alive , but as long as your bullets are still available , you have to stay inside until all the bullets finish , then you can out from there.You may choose to stay there , but you will get shoot by others ... wahaha ...
The awards go to :

Many left , as we cannot aim correctly ... haha refund :(

Group photo :

It costs RM 35.00/person with 200 bullets . Only the coat , mask ,head cover are provided . If you intend to go , please prepare long pant or anything that can helps in reducing "marks" on your body , yet you might sweat like hell .

After paint ball game , we were going to have lunch , and pass by @ Ghee Hiang , some of them want to buy some gifts .

Obviously , we are not the one who went to buy the biscuit ... lolz .. 3 penang lang + sabahan

p/s :

Then , @1 pm ~ start "operasi jalan jalan makan makan"

1st station : Penang Road Cendol . " Best in penang , some said north M'sia " . Can u see phua Chu kang ? i guess the Ah Bek i mentioned in the previous post was mistake .

i'm not in , i'm the one who shooted this

the couples

2nd station : don't know what is this ..

Ais kacang with ice cream


again , i forgot what is this ...
because i only ate the Ais kacang...

3rd station : Char Kuey Teow . Near Jln. Burma / Tune hotel where we stayed .

There is 2 shops which selling this char kuey teow , but the most famous one when we stepped in , it was very crowded and we have to wait 45 min / 2 hours, i forgot . And we gave up and move to the next door which is less packed . Yet we still need to wait for 45 minutes ! wahlauyeh ... and the kopitiam's worker reminded us to order the drinks , otherwise we need to give "extra charges" since we occupied the space without "giving them business " .. don't be surprised , i guess this is the Penang kopitiam's cultures ....

After 45 minutes , here it is .
RM 6.00 ( Depends on portion's size )

After this , it was about 3.30 pm , and we all walking back to hotel to get some rest . Tonight will go to mainland to have dinner and autocity .

Around 5 pm we heading to mainland . Again , by ferry ~

6 pm : Dinner time . KhunTai restaurant, somewhere near the container terminal in Sungai Dua, Butterworth ( i guess )

Pineapple fried rice , but physically it does not look-alike .

Seafood tomyam .. yummm~ i like

Fried mihun

招牌蒸鱼 ...taste sour , another nice

jiak bao bao lurr

Then , the next station is Belacan Fried Chicken ..not bad . smell good but the flavour is not strong in the meat . maybe lack of maceration . But maybe we all too full , all too full , only managed to eat 2 by 9 people .

Meanwhile , our Ms.Khoo, can eat same portion by herself alone .. lolx

Next we went to Autocity , as you can read from the previous post , we chose to sit down in ICe Ice baby . And the funny photos are here ... heheheee

As conclusion : It is a food trip . lolx

The end .
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