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Monday, June 9, 2014

I live my way (4)_HK你好野_喜爱夜浦 Central 2

Lan Kwai Fong before 5 pm .. where are the sobers?

We actually were going to the Gas Lamp Spot and another unique Starbucks in Central, just nearby LKF
 Do you see the gas lamp ?

 You have to come early or before lunch . We were there after 3pm so basically no more 烧卖虾饺
SOB ... Yet it is still packed.
 腊肠包, 排骨
 Forgot what is this already but not my favourite. It is like a small muffin.

 Went to 文武庙 and 摩罗街
It was so hot in the week in HK .. need to relieve heat seriously XD
 on the same day it was actually Thomas Cup final and that's how we hea at Lan Kwai Fong
 Returned to the Gas Lamp spot after Lan Kwai Fong, because the lamp only on during night

 Inside the Starbucks
 I like this very much. Credit to photographer #thumbsup 
#potd where is my #mrleft?

 hea hea hea
 many wedding shootings here ^_^ ..
atleast 6 pairs were there ...
You may find this spot in some TVB drama I supposed
 behind the scene
 Go back MK for dinner.... starving ... 
 I ate porridge ... need cleansing

 Followed by dessert .. LOLX 
the guys very phobia with it because I have extra stomach for dessert ALL TIME
 me_must eat 炖奶

You might see every end of the following posts with similar steam milk & egg photos lolz ...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I live my way (4)_HK你好野_Mong Kok Dark Night 1

Arrived at MongKok from Macau , where we stayed as well.. 
Happening is the only word to describe.
The title is 旺角黑夜 indeed . It is a HK movie many years ago. 
Thank you, please go to Google if you wanna know the movie XP
 fermented tauhu,
or ..... chau tau fu @@
 Next morning, a must visit char chan teng

 every must drink milk tea
 french toast
 everyday must eat 菠萝油.I ate this alternate day.
Successfully influenced my travelmates to addict with it too LOL
 Comes with the instant noodle set

 A unique Starbucks outlet, located at Mong Kok Sai Yee Street 2nd floor.
Can see from opposite McD . Same blok with 钜记手信.

 Only China tourists will do this pose #gosh


We took MTR from MK to Central . 

 Passed by a boutique.. I tot there is an event or this is a museum.
#AbercrombieandFitch in central
#喜爱夜浦 ?
 Click for next
Early entry in Macau 

p/s: I think some might having problems to load the photos... I separate the posts into few so it does not take long to view the photos . It is recommended to use computer to read anyway :)
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