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Sunday, September 5, 2010

relaxing sunday~ treatment care from top to toe

woke at 10am ... from hair to toe ... and only now i am free  .. did my hair treatment ~ yeah ... the freebies  (left & right only ) i grabbed yesterday ~ they are parts of the goodies bag when you purchase 2 of the beauty magazines which costed rm15 ..

Still doubting to go for hair dye tomorrow or not ... because i am lazy .. the middle one is to prepare to take care of my hair if i do the colour tomorrow ~ leave on for coloured hair
I'm actually want to DIY .. because i saw this ....

it cost rm 38.80 from watson .. but for my hair volume and length , i think i need 3 boxes ... and .. I  worry that it might be uneven .. athough this product claims that this will have no problem on it anymore  ..

Finished hair care... comes to skin care ... because 2 days ago ,went for a skin analysis during the beauty fair ... wuwuwuwu .. my skin ......................... any probability of skin problem on a person, I also got it .. :~~~

Bobbi Brown ~ another freebie from BB midvalley ~~ huhuu .. my skin needs moisture badly ...

it is toner ... will try on it for 7 days ~
Yet, yesterday called to my beautician and also my skincare advisor .. they said is ok ~~huhuh ... or they actually cheated me as well .. haizz .. 女人唔易做 ..

i want to buy this sleeve bag ... but i couldn't find ... I saw some from the pwtc digital fair , but still could not get the one that I like .. any recommendation ??

It's going to holiday ~ yahuu ... recently the baking and cooking hobby back ...

favourite > tiramisu ... rarely put the lady fingers .. 
but since there are packs .. just decor it
friday lepak at starbucks jaya one 
the current product , addition with grass jelly .. 
nothing special.. u add on rm3.50 to get the jelly =="
i know .. it is fat .. physically and nutritionally 

last night lepak at midvalley starbucks ... ordered this...
after i ate , only realized havent capture it ..

last week went to jusco balakong, finally visited to this restaurant ..
soya bean with grass jelly
ban mee , with chicken curry
Foods are overall okay ..but once I sat down there was cockroach .. damn it .. i hate pest ! somemore it was just opened , aren't they supposed to clean b4 and after operation ? this is so terrible .. I'll never visit again although foods and drinks and services are good ...


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