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Monday, September 21, 2015

I live my way (9)_Langkawi_The ocean residence hotel

There are three types of rooms available, long house, villa and container house.

This is container house, where we stayed. In fact it is same as in their website, WYSIWYG.

swimming pool area from container house view


very chill pool
we really enjoy the pool at the night time as not much guests. Can feel high privacy.

You can tell the difference of cameraman and photographer... I looked so awkward.... with some coconut tress at the back.....

This is the longhouse room. They have private pool, direct access into the pool.. looks cool...
room 1

it was linked through the bathroom. One is shower room.

room 2

our living room.. looks great

People who really know me, I like to watch TV .. LOLx

We book the hotel through and I have 15% off, pay via UOB credit card, so it ended up around RM1200/ 3 nights . We asked for extra beds as the room can accommodate 4 adults only. They can add two more extra beds, RM 58/bed/night.

You can opt not to add extra bed and sleep on the sofa, but this room has "mickey mouse". The hotel is located just besides the sea and we also can see lizards outside the garden.

And how we know there is mickey because one of our cup noodles were half opened on day 2 morning  and the seasoning packet was missing..... *scream* .... and I was the one who discovered it.
I didn't sleep on the floor for the nights after....

We do feedback to the housekeepers, I think they can improve by at least do some pest control. 

Another thing to be improved shall be the breakfast variety. Not sure due to low season so the choices are limited or they serve all time the same. But overall the taste is good and edible. Staffs are friendly and helpful.

p/s: photo credit to note4 owner, most powerful cameraphone among us.

I live my way (9)_Langkawi 4D3N part 2

Day 2, there you go the #eggs. LOLZ !
And day 3 breakfast. #eatlikeaboss

We thought to have lunch at oriental village.  After surveyed all the food stalls, we simply ate below, cheap and quick. In fact not much choices ... LOL better eat proper meal before you go.
To reach sky bridge, you have to take the skycab, cheapest combo (with MyKad) is RM 20 . 
Sky dome is compulsory (takes about 8 minutes) , we took the cheapest one.
After you take the skycab, to walk Sky bridge at the terminal, you pay another RM 5 to walk through the bridge. It is now open until 6 pm. I think just recently reopen and you gotta walk the trail, about 8 minutes too.
They will call you 30 minutes before to start queuing, to sky dome and after that you are ready to take skycab. To reach the peak takes about 15 minutes. Enjoy the breeze and the height :D.

Picture distorted, because the wind was so strong ...
pano view ... It was so hazy, so basically we only smell haze and see nothing ...
Going down.... It looks like foggy and breezy, it was not...
Still have some time to walk around before leaving ... #heineken
We went to Pantai Cenang and had dinner at Marry Brown ... 
Of course, we gotta step on the beach. Too hazy and the beach has no light ...In the darkness, we walked along #cenangbeach, left the foot prints and this is what we took from there....
After a hazy day trip, enjoy our private pool.... at the time of 2200 till late..... 
the crowd is not much and in fact not many guests use the pool, we enjoy the place because it is quiet. #likeaboss
I was in the picture in fact.....but too hazy until you cannot see it.
Day 3
Early bird to grab breakfast, above ^, and jumped into the cooling pool just to take this photo ! #wanderlust. The weather is still hazy .....

Everybody were so lazy and exhausted because the night before swim too late and the weather was too hazy, initially wanna go to island hopping, ended up snuggled in the room and come out for lunch at #papparich, near jetty .

Dinner at #wonderfood . We ordered ala carte from the dai chao and there is a claypot chicken rice available here too...cost us about RM 100
Went to buy duty free chocolate, cigarette and liquor before heading back to hotel, of course, swimming again. Actually damn cold to swim at 12 am ..... so cray ! #yolo

The whole trip spending as below:
MH ticket RM 139
hotel  RM 273/pax
car rental RM 360/3D , it is almera, auto
petrol RM40
food RM 160
skycab + sky bridge + sky dome RM25
chocolate RM 91
liquor RM 223
cigarette RM76

We were so desperate to go for massage, I always thought I was in Bangkok #sob . It costs at least RM 78/hour full body massage, gosh I miss 300 baht/hour thai massage !

When can I go Thailand again kap .. T_T .. The trip ended so fast when came to day 3 , on the first day we were complaining too much time to spend at 10 p.m. .... yet the #hazerunner trip is now in the memory .....

grabbed #starbucks at airport. 
Once we boarding to gate I just realized there is premier lounge... should have go there .... :/

Should have bring bigger luggage, my luggage is like exploding..

I live my way (9)_Langkawi 4D3N

Long-awaiting trip is finally arrived and perfectly ended. *SCREAM*

You are right, I am not going Thailand, this is cuti-cuti Malaysia, #Langkawi. 
My virgin visit in Malaysia "Pulau" after living in Peninsula for so many years ....

This is a 4D3N Langkawi trip, no itinerary, no plan, just pack and go.

Bought an offer ticket from MAS @ RM139, return ( Oh, Sept is low season, monsoon season to go Koh Lipe). After few months later only find out that we cannot make it to Koh Lipe. 

Hotel was booked through at last minute as well, managed to get a family room @ RM 400/room/night, after 15% off pay via uob credit card. We stayed at The Ocean Residence , near to Kuah town, check out the hotel more at HERE later.

Brunch nearby KLIA
insomnia face
I need Vitamin SEA !!! never traveling since May this year ... sob

Please check out the hotel & rooms via HERE :D

Went for dinner nearby, due to Malaysia Day , the town is a little bit quiet and some shops are not open. 
Simply get into a restaurant with some crowds and had dinner.
It costs us RM 159 OMG ! See the portion and the variety .. truly tourist spot.

went to nearby to grab our stocks for the long nights ... about RM 200 #beer #snacks #pepero #lays #taokaenoi #twistie #instantnoodle

day one was raining heavily at the night until next day morning, you can tell how cold am I inside this container cold room... watching stephen chow's movie..... really damn relaxing ...

Day 2 - Breakfast served from 0730 to 1030 .  It freaked us out that no egg is served, because no more egg in the kitchen, so unbelievable . From tripadvisor there are feedbacks that the breakfast needs to improve, so our expectation is already low, but there is no egg..... Really surprising. 

So the next two days, they have it . The breakfast is yet to improve anyway.

Menu as below, please expect it is local style cooking method, not the 4* hotel chef or luxury breakfast buffet. All taste good anyway =).
Day 1- fried rice, baked beans, sausage, noodle soup ( cook on your own ). 
Day 2- fried noodle, scramble eggs ( cook in bulk and local style ) , baked beans, sausage, porridge, french toast
Day 3- fried mee hoon,  scramble eggs ( cook in bulk and local style ) , baked beans, sausage, baked tomato with cheese, noodle soup ( cook on your own ).

Breads, buns, pastries, yogurt, fruits are all available at another section. 
Fresh banana #yum
The dining area
very good weather

Apparently I was not ready ... lousy cameraman ....

The trip has no itinerary as majority never been to Langkawi or been to many times.. we just follow our heart, do what to do and go where to go.

After brunch and snuggle for a while in our cold room, we compromised to go sky bridge ! 

Check out here and following days' post.
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