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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My daily Cares from TOP to TOE

I know, most of my coursemates and friends so curious bout the cosmetics and skincares in / on my body . oklar ... today I show you parts of it .. lols

on my eyelash
I lurv long long eyelash ~ and definitely must be waterproof
why this brand (MJ) ??? 
Because Ayumi Hamasaki uses this too lor.. 
I don't use this 5 at one shot lar.. lolz ..
I'm showing the improved version of the expansion version , I'm now using the 4th from left, the new bie.
How I apply ?
1st, use the most left as base,
then use the 3rd from right, then 2nd from right and last the red color. And it is done !

because too many mascara used, I've change to wear falsies , which I usually lazy to put on because I don't like the glue, although it is fast .. but now I have to .. I changed from using the double eye lid sticker too to the glue type, because my coursemates always complain it is weird.  I could not use glue previously because I have allergy on it, and finally I found the one which is not allergic and it suits me :) yahuuu ... how amazing is that ?  and I like it ~
CNY this year, This is what color that I dyed in my hometown lor.. 
I didn't dye  in gold bahh
with my original eyes
left and right . with my falsies , which I wear recently
with the double eye lid glue somemore ,
and new hair color
(captured in the morning, 
but originally my eye bags are big and there are dark eye circles :~~~ )
I found that my face is senget, am I ? I don't know why

I still in dilemma whether to rebonding my hair or perm it.. hahaha .. I think everybody wanna kill me, as I keep asking this question ... wuwuwuwuwu :( when I was dying my hair, the 1st girl who served me, saying that by straight hair you can curl your hair at home, when you lazy , you just leave it straight. 
But later the guy who served me , I said if I do rebonding , they will straight and follow my head shape, so my BIG head will be obvious :~~~  If i am in curly , it can cover me and also my original curly hair . YES I AM curly hair inherited ! Then he said, your head is not really big lar.. still fine .. but your face will be big !!!!  huuuuuuAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... cham ... what can i do ? I am in curly hair since 2nd sem 1st yr so my coursemates already forgot my look in straight hair liao ... haha and they are bored .. 
so natural ....*i am shy*
obviously I've carry the gene of "fat from top to toe", "chubby" and "big head & face" ..
this is the proof .. 
and I'm typical homo sapien who owns curly hair ~
I should not feel guilty .. 

of course if I rebonding now I wont look the same as in the photo ..
but this is me in straight hair ...
i think now your all will advice me not to rebonding . am I correct ? 

Now is my daily skin cares tutorial .
my camera again sot dy .. so blur ..
What should I write here? I think everything is clear.  Just follow from left to right, yes, I used all these daily. I never count how many bottles, now I counted, they are 12.
Please noted that, the basic is 
cleansing > toner > moisturizer > sunblock ( DAY care ) 

I recalled a friend, who confused the word " moisturizer " and "moisturizing " .

There are series of skincare that has the function of moisturizing .
moisturizing cleanser
moisturizing toner / moisturizing lotion / moisturizing refiner ( they are the same )
moisturizing cream / moisturizing gel / moisturizing moisturizer

moisturizing NOT = moisturizer 

Functions :
Toner/ lotion/refiner =  to re-balance your skin pH after cleansing.  Apply together with the aids of cotton sponge can help remove excess sebum/ dirt , although you just finish "cleaning" your face . It helps soften the skins and helps the next step to absorbs nutrients well. 

So, do not only apply the above . Because you will expose your clean and clear face to air and dirt. So next you should apply 

moisturizer( in cream /  gel /  liquid form) 
= the differences are the lightness. If you are dry skin , use cream, If you are oily , use gel/ liquid form. You never know what skin are you and we always said we are oily , because our skin is "shinning" all the times . That is not real . So how ? Money solves your problem. Sorry , I can't help you this and if you want to pay me, why not pay for the professionals ? 

You need moisturizer after toning, because you give nutrients to your skin . Why toning does not give same effects ? After you bath, why you wear your clothing ? Same concepts.Moisturizer is the protector of your skin from dehydrated / dull / aged / acne etc ...

You can have other choices ,
  • hydrating/ moisturizing
  • acne/blemishes
  • whitening
  • tightening/anti aging

I'm using whitening series~ yes I have uneven tone, not because I want to be look fair ..
I know I'm carrying a strong pigmentation gene, so I will never fair .
But I have health skin tone ^^
For the brightener & sebum gel & action gel ( From Cellnique ),
they are the acne & blemish series, 
which helps me free from irritated blackheads , acne , scars and excess sebum
well .. they are more than RM 1xx per piece yet they work .

 I did not buy the remover during the beauty fair, because I owned it and that is it. I will selectively to use my eye cream, in fact I am lazy to use eye cream.. but I need to use it now .As the eye bag and dark eye circle getting worse .. arghhhhhhhhhh  pore tightening essence is to reduce skin pore and reduce sebum , so when I used this , I don't have to use the sebum gel from Cellnique ..  I only apply at my cheek and nose ... 

YES ! Whitening must be done during night time.. because there is no UV from sun .. hahaha but there is UV from light too .. but I turn off the light when I'm sleep. I recall my coursemate who can sleep without switch off the light, so we all screamed at her that she was exposed to UV . And she said "so I will apply sunblock at night"  so that she is under protected .. lolx

By weekly , for twice, will have to apply this "pro" masks. But , I usually do once in the weekend, because I am too busy but still I must do this , because only by doing this, your skin is alive. I used to replace them by applying the masks that are Beauty Diary or sheet masks but never from guardian or watsons or pasar malam , which are faster , without rinsing.Yet , you paid what you get .

And more lazy , I do this. Just apply sleeping mask at night , the next day, you can even skip the cleansing step, wipe with your lotion and proceed next step . You skin will be very "sui" ~ but this mask can be used twice a week only .Please don't be greedy . More does not mean good. You will regret if you do more often. And they are not cheap ! ( i'm gonna grab this during this raya, anyone interested can get more details from me :) )

Yea ~ must try before you buy . Because there is no refund ~ for me, I don't need refund and it works well on me .. hahaha .. i am satisfy with this ~~ huhuhu ... Song Hye Kio from korea ~

 Will update more for my hair care and body care ... since I dyed my hair ~ later ...hehehe


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