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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today is a busy day! Last Day > photo taking with beloved f00d scientists & SV

 Today was definitely a special day, last day of March 2011, last day of lecture in 4 years of food science, first time we gathered as early as 8 am to have mcD breakfast, bangi. Again .. in March .... A wonderful day yet a little bit of upset.

the queue was even out of the entrance till car park ..
perhaps Malaysian have change eating breakfast habit .. 
( but.. in a fast food restaurant ? )

The last lecture was definitely too, FUN ! We played GAME. Yes, 3 hours of game ! No writing, no thinking, no memorizing ! FREE & FUN !

 these people.... when i took out my camera, 
all are ready posed... 
my turn to take group photo with Dr...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I want to be a student forever !!!

haiz... i should not sigh in the 1st line, but it is so sad to tell, tomorrow will be the last class of my undergraduate time. What was i doing during the 1st class? not even remember what was the subject .... & the end of the day is coming tomorrow...  :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No return, just forward.....................


Let's take photo as memory =D


累啊 ...... 这句话几乎无数次地挂在每个人嘴边... 是啊.. 好忙 .... 好多东西要赶 .. 心情糟透 , 赌烂到极点 .


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i am Boss of My boss ! haha ~

I paid for my boss yesterday, a lunch in Alamanda, putrajaya ~ Black Canyon Coffee

As we used to say, there is no free lunch in the world, he did not own a photo of him for the whole lunch .. ( no free photographer ) .. muahaha because he did not pay
a groupmate of mine

Sunday, March 27, 2011


我本想写一篇关于《虚伪的负能量》, 是的,就是很虚伪的'负能量'.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finnegan's Irish Pubs & Restaurant @ Mid Valley

Let's hunt JOb !

hohoh .. in fact, i don't mean to hunt a job so soon ~~ but it seems there are a lot of job fairs .. and I used to post some here as past years ..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potassium Iodide !

i went to collect my pendrive from my coursemate yesterday at lab,
meanwhile waiting to collect my thesis draft too,  
and accidentally i saw these .... 

What do you know about Potassium iodide (KI) ?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it can be happiee ^^.. or sCarY !

emailed and chit chat to my supervisor last night  as yesterday was his last lecture with us and had group discussion with my thesis groupmates as well .. to update the progress & showed him the "hard work" of the "good babies" ... in the last p/p/s note ... i admitted my mistake before he teased again ... hehe .. and p/p/p/s note .. we wouldn't meet him until the exam next month ... no more kacau from anak manja .. but to be "good", i ended the line with "don't feel empty when we are not around anymore" ... muahaahha

then in the early morning .. he texted me: your draft is "ready to pick up" ..

pinned at his soft board .. mine and my groupmate's
"a burden work" being picked up .... 
and he gave me "GOOD".... hahahahha it just like when you get marking of your exercise book during primary school .. sometimes you'll get extra footnote at the bottom .... heee .. somehow this "word" seems so familiar.. i think i got it too from somewhere else before this .. haha ... maybe he already gave me "good" previously in other works .... i can't recall ...


From Grinding Coffee to Tattooing your Body... How are You Going to Fund Your Masters Program?

If you are interested in doing a masters program, the chances are one of the main things that could be holding you back are concerns about how are you actually going to fund your course. With the going rate for a masters degree and living expenses often as high as £25,000, it's no surprise that students find themselves searching for new and creative ways of funding a masters programme. For a practical solution, you can apply for a £500 Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary. Alternatively, we have come up with a number of ingenious ways you could get your hands on some cash to help with your costs:
Be a barista while training to be a barrister! 
You could get a job in your local coffee shop - we estimate that you'd need to make just over 115,000 lattes to cover your costs. What is it they say? Wake up and smell the coffee...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ho Chak 可丽饼 + 文记鱼头王 = hyperphagia/ overeating !

I ate a lot today .... argghh ... have good appetite . keep eating... from the breakfast , and the rain never stops as well but after 6pm the rain stopped and it encouraged me to buy the crepe. Walked for 30minutes from my house to the end of the last stall .. as "physical activity" to reduce guilty .. hehe ...  I bought chocolate + chicken floss..

packed of chicken floss with chocolate sauce *evil food*
dinner time ....
Mun Kee steam fish head (jln. imbi),
3rd branch at Taman Segar 
met my hometown friend as well.. haha !
 did not bring camera ..using phone camera only..
 4 types of steam ...
plain steam
black bean steam 
sambal sauce steam
smash ginger steam
only have one fish spesies but i did not know what fish ..
patin ? 
i never eat this fish .. 
- smesh ginger steam -

many bones == ...
black bean steam 
(black bean= fermented black soy bean)

end like this

The fish costed for RM22 nett per fish ....i think it is reasonable and it is not smelly . But personally I don't eat these so-called "ikan kolam/ternakan" and it has many bones.. and it does not have the "ocean" taste.. i mean the taste of deep sea fish ..something like that ..

Still, it is recommended, had ordered a fried vegetable as well and it is very "wok"ful taste ! it has many good reviews when you google it ~

Mun Kee Steam Fish Head 文记鱼头王蒸鱼头
20, Jalan Manis,
Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 019-3256388

New Happy Garden Food Court
43-A (GERA) Jalan Lazat 1,
Taman Gembira, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Chinese Village Pasarakyat (Jalan Imbi)
No. 8, Jalan Melati, 
off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur. 

my stomach .............................. so full !

i liKe breAKfast !!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~

a group of food scientists rushed to have breakfast after the lecture of "therapy diet" ..  hehehe ... due to this , the  McDonald's FREE 2 Big Breakfast ~ at bangi McD

so many people queue up !

they were almost done as they reached most early
yeah ~  finally they came... was being served so so late .... too crowded 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

FOTD : Lamb Chop with spaghetti

 random  cooking ...

How would you explain Nuclear Problem to younger kids ?

This is so meaningful and I salute to the Jp media... They aware, they care and they did it.

The clip is to educate and broadcast what is the issue of nuclear problem in Jp to their young generation.  I repeat, to the young generation , the kids.

It amazed me ... I dont know how to explain my feeling but in this critical moment, an educational video clip to inform the kids came out, just to tell their citizens what had happened in their country ...

Have you ever think how to explain nuclear power, nuclear power plant, Chernobyl Disaster,  etc to your nieces/ nephews/ younger cousins ? well, maybe we, ourself also not so sure what are that actually .. ahaha ...

somehow I think if one day, any tiny issue happened in our country , not to talk about such clip prior, I wonder do our government able to solve the issue, do we have that ability ?  We are too comfortable with anything and we do not have good culture behavior like Japanese too.

Maybe i am just slight pessimistic .

Saturday, March 19, 2011

DiGi Broadband ?

I actually wonder about the new broadband plan offered by Digi, the broadband. I have no idea how it works, as explained by my friend previously, your mobile/ your sim can be used as the modem and both your mobile and laptop can use the broadband as well .

 I did checked their coverage of my house in my hometown.. well it showed full coverage of broadband and 3G  ( WOW !! Telcol H-link has no coverage in my area , even EDGE nia..... but Digi does .. i really wonder ! )

 actually i blurred after i surveyed this.... who subscibed/ user of it please tell me more ok .. as i am going to balik kampung and i do not have internet T______________T   ... 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Smile or Cry




Thursday, March 17, 2011


I miss my soul mate .... Soul mate, how to define .. in fact.. i am not so sure too .. 灵魂伴侣 ?

how many out there could meet their soulmate ? some said soul mate is self-imagination ..

well .. i agree .. basically a soul mate always can read your mind, know your needs, and love you. Hold on.

Don't think of your lovers at first place, it can be your father, your mother or your family members what.

Who else in this world, know you more than your family members do ? Think twice.

ok.. of course the soul mate I mentioned in 1st line does not refer to any of my family members.

I am officially done the mid sem exam. Relieved yet feeling uncomfortable. Worries, panic, lost etc..

TOday is already another half of March 2011 .    

50-50 . Things are done 50%.. another 50% to complete.

Study life is done 50%, another 50% to be done within 2 months.

After study for .. hmm ... 18 years? or I will end " my job " as a Student after 23 years ++ .. i don't know how many % are that in my life.... but i think it has to be VSS for some time.

The man who owns power or money in the world would ask, how does a certificate pays you ? How does your working experience pays you ? Do you need some pay ?

If your answers are: Yes,... ; Yes, ...; No, ... So you are ready to get more certificates in your life.

If your answers are : No. No. Yes. Please work hard. You will be paid.  But if you want to be paid more, work smart.

Thus I need to work hard yet smart. Certificates are last long, but who cares? Of course no harm to get more ... but when that is not something make me proud of, that is merely a piece of paper which reminds me, I am just a paper, may be recycled, eventually in a trash. I foresee mine ..

And then ?  Question marks all over my head right now .. blanked.

BAck to soul mate ....

finally i have time to explore the apps i downloaded in my phone. i believe many people being disturbed by me today , hehehe ... because i have time to sit down, to "reconnect" with them. I miss your what .... blerrkk ..

A story to share after the "reconnection" :

RM35 ONLY !! Manicure + Pedicure + Hands Paraffin + Hands & Feet Massage + Hands & Feet Cuticle Treatment ( O/P : RM125 )

hehe .. another kang tou ~~~ anyone wants to go with me ? I got my voucher dy ~~ I want to go on next week ~

Click for MORE ~

the Last Final Exam as An UnderGraduate ~~~

ops.. before that .. I sat the LAST mid sem paper in my life ( most probably) today .. hahaha ... A crazy paper which took 3 hours ( OH no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) .... fortunately not too hard yet ... I did not really know how to do ... And this paper... finally .. required us to DRAW ..... muahahaha

lalala ........................... the final exam in my life ( more appropriate.. in the undergraduate's life ), will start on 14th APril ( for my course) .................

I saw a blog of a junior where he is going to sit 10 subjects in 16 days !! hahaha ............. once upon a time .. we gone through that crazy thing too .. yAy ~ i still alive ( thank God) ... & it will be end up by ... the last semester .. I sit for 3 papers only ~~ huhuhuhu .......... A paper a week .. you may sleep deep deep ...

But, last semester I had 2 papers only ....  alaaar................ 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i am sick .. i think

i got flu since Sunday ... followed by sore throat, and today I cough ..........


I had bitter gourd +  plain fried rice , 3 mangoes and an orange as the appetizer and dessert ..flu no more ... but now i feel stomachache ........

i am u-n-c-a-l-m ...............  I need energy .....

RM 20 ONLY Facial treatment + travel kits ( O/P : RM 368) !!!!!!

yeaahh .. it is kang tou ~~ and i am going , anybody wants to go with me = )

I'll go to the nearest branch , which is located at The Mines , end of this month ~~

Click here for more ....

Monday, March 14, 2011


如何作为一名讲师 , 好劲个种.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


最近沉迷于星座.... 一直以来也比较相信星座预测, 满准的.最近更是让我疯狂..哈哈哈..被我发现了一件事, 不得不信 ..真的很神 ... 从今后真的要先测测星座运程.. 宁可信其有 ...


处女座, 巨蟹座的人请远离我 , 不然会有血光之灾 .  (到底是谁?)

我才发现双子座和我星座是最好的搭配,相符相配. 好像不多双子座的朋友...还是我没发觉? 天蝎座倒是有一群......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Natural disaster or warnings of arrival of 2012 ?

the news was just too breaking, the tsunami happened in Japan, at 11 Mar 2011 , 1.46pm.

Channels are broadcasting the news, 11 Mac 2011 is a very busy day for all reporters and medical supporters all over the world...

Tsunami, earthquake, on fire, etc ....

A week of continuously-raining in my hometown had scared me ... I am now adjusting myself, if the day of 2012 is really coming, if we cannot do much, what does the little we can do ? 

some said the world ends at 21May2012.. ehem ... another "meaningful day" as well.. it sounds ... kind of mystery ... some said 319 ... meanwhile the scientists, geologist, maybe politicians, the Americans .... are working hard on tackling this issue

Friday, March 11, 2011

do you know what is tuscany biscotti ??

i am actually interested to purchase this deal ...

RM10 instead of RM20 for 24 PIECES of Authentic Tuscany Biscotti from Bisquisito, Taman Desa. Tea lovers. Coffee lovers. Lovers. Munch it, dip it, biscotti's here to accompany you. 

When you visit coffee shops, certain drinks like cappuccinos, lattes or black tea will be served with these , we called them "biscuit" .. lolz...  

The last day i visited Dome, it was served with the caramel macchiato =D

Bisquisito's  Biscotti is available in many flavours that you'll dream of the delicious Biscotti even during the day! Bisquisito was born from two Italian words; Biscotti & Squisito which mean 'Baked Twice' and 'Delicious'.

Phone: +6012 210 3663
Unit 30-3A-5,
Bukit Desa Condo,
Jalan Bukit Desa 3,
Taman Bukit Desa,
Kuala Lumpur

im careless-worm !

I handed in my draft to my sv today .....

i'd checked for days before i submitted today .... but today when i re-checked before i left car park ......... oh no ........ i went crazy .......... a page was missing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can't recall at all ........ well .. not too important as it was merely a piece of appendixes  ...  but ... it made imperfect.

homed. I found it under the table .... i am sorry my dear dr.. i didn't do it purposely ... but i think he won't realize too after a week later ... because he will on leave next week, the whole week .. hahaha !!!

p/s: i met him today after 6pm ++ lepak2 at bangi ... he must be stressed this week =þ because horoscope said this month is a busy month for Gemini ..

ooohhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today is definitely a not-so-good day ! 30 minutes before the exam started, was informed by the lecturer Dr.comel, that there was changing of exam hall .. owwwlll !!!! I WAS panic ............... i texted him: i got shocked ! i am panic.. but i still want to score!!!

wished to text my papa as well ... dr save me plsss ...................i want to score A ++++++ .....................

owllllll .................. the questions ........ the lecturer was fooling me :~~~~ the questions we confused, we did not know .... came out !!! shouldn't let him know what we did not know ... arrghh ................

but he did not give me the question that confirm scored : Please draw the GMO chicken !!

lolzz ....

A question that carried 16marks : A long statement  bla bla bla .............................. Please explain. (16marks)

omgg .................... there was a lot of space... and my brain was empty .....

everybody was taking turn to washroom .. a male coursemate asked: tandas ada nota ???
I : ........................
( i nak dapat ilham dan jawapan daripada Tuhan)

and finally, 10.45am, 11 March 2011, the 2nd last mid sem paper had done =D

I need happy hour~ OT, Library, Neway ~~ 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

coffee addict , are you ?

i am severly addicted to coffee, or caffeine ? I had a lot today compared to usual .. nop .. it did not due to tomorrow i am going to sit a paper ... but .. simply .. i want the coffee aroma...

and i addicted to the branded US coffee ... due to the grinded coffee bean .. instant coffee, instant premix coffee ... they are slowly dissappear from my board ..

i need to save to buy a coffee maker ... and collect , appreaciate and learn about the coffee beans ....hmm ~~~

Can you smell the roasted, buttery, freshly brewed coffee ?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Starbucks: Free new Cake Pop with purchase of Cocoa Cappuccino

Starbucks is celebrating it's 40th Anniversary.

Come and visit our stores tomorrow (10th March), buy a cup of our Latest Cocoa Cappuccino and we'll give you a free Cake Pop (Cake on a stick!). We may be 40, but we're just getting started.


星期五有考试啊................. 讨厌考试的来临,无形的压力,那种恐惧感...救命啊....

很懒惰,的确,是非常懒惰.不想温习 ...

今天情绪不好,莫名的情绪化... 不知道该做什么 ...什么也不想做...... 好像压力锅快要爆炸........

好人从来不好做,也不是一般人能做到.所以基本上,大部分的人都是不好人. 只是比较不好,还是非常不好. 日子久了,看着这些虚伪的人,总是莫名地想要呕吐,不时还恶心. 装作一幅天使般善良的笑脸,说着一咀的好话.. 头头是道, 仿佛是上天派来的使者, 连自己有时也被这些蒙骗,以为自己是恶魔的同伴.曾几何时,我是如此看待, 即使身边和他更熟悉的人,前辈们提醒了,我以为只是见仁见智..如今我醒了, 我认同,他们说的都是对的. 没感觉的人,只是他们还没尝到那滋味.


aNgry bird ? fruit ninja ?

If you are already an existing iPhone 4 user and still feels like a loner because friends and family around you are still not an iPhone 4 user yet? Always have trouble finding companion to beat your Fruit Ninja's high score? Or if the birds are getting more angry because there is no one else to play with? Now here's your chance to purchase an iPhone4 without needing to subscribe to a line! Yes, you can buy the phone at DiGi's RRP! All you need to do is to sign up or just upgrade it from a iDiGi RM88 to either RM138 or RM238. 

click HErE  !

Monday, March 7, 2011

kang tou returns > underarm hair removal @ RM39.80 ~~

huhu ....  the shop is located at The Strand ~ you just have to buy the deal at  RM39.80 instead of RM199 for PERMANENT Underarm Hair Removal Treatment at My Body Secrets, The Strand.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are you at the junction of graduation, career or further study ?

i found this website accidentally ..

Being great at what you do can be very satisfying. Yet many people find themselves working in a career where their natural talents go to waste. For one reason or another, there's a mismatch between their Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA's) and their job duties.

KSA's represent the capabilities that you bring to a career. They can be defined simply as what you know, what you're capable of doing, and what comes naturally to you. In job descriptions, you've seen them as qualifications or requirements. Years of experience, competencies, degrees and credentials are various ways that capture the KSA's for a specific position.

In fact, i am one of whom is currently lost at this path too ...  as in the past week, again my supervisor talked about career with me .. of course it haunted me.. but a night only.. hehe .. as I never think to hunt any job that soon ... jobs are everywhere but a suitable job is not easy to get .. a good boss , or a good company, or a good job, or a group of good colleagues, etc.... many factors to influence your choice ..

for me, a GOOD and angel boss is the main key !

from the report, it analyzed that :

too crowd ??

i've changed the new layout to divide into 2 side bar columns as some said it takes time o scroll down ...

but .. is this better? it seems crowded ...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's life ~

this week seems like living in heaven .. hee ... i feel i am "drown" in happiness and laughters ..  maybe spend more time at home as most lectures had been cancelled.. fully concentrrate on thesis writing .. i can sleep at anytime i want .. wake up at any time .. ignore my works whenever i am stress .. huu ~~ of course ... another reason was the great satisfication of my supervisor's staying < is this enough CLEAR and obvious for the good news ?

had talked with my sv few days ago ... i feel it is really near to the end of a student life... omg ....... sob!

The loaf Pavilion KL~ Uhu! hu!

one of my favourite .... the devil foods ....  it's cheese cake in a small cup ... rich in chessy flavour and smooth texture

Friday, March 4, 2011

Are YOU the 'Most Wanted?'

Are you the ultimate man Axe is looking for? Think you have ALL it takes to be one? Submit your mug-shot and let us hunt YOU down! If convicted, you will be punished for a year of partying or get an iPhone 4 so the "police" could check on you! Are YOU the most wanted?

Check out >>  Here

Whoa! #MiloFuzeJamPack ! what da heck is it ?

i'm sure evrybody awares that Milo is extensively promoting on itself which is MiloFuze jam PACK !

Don't be too late to know what is happening .... ( i'm as a second earlier than you .. lolx )

just hit >>>  IT !


note:  This is a non-halal food .

I should update this ........ since long time ago .. but ... i was too busy to load the photos and post it ...

THis is the branch located at Bandar Mahkota Cheras, and i visited it during the new opening ~ as you can see from the flyers .. don't worry , it is still operating until today ..

 opposite shop

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