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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My SOP - Fried rice with salty fish cubes


Of course, the main ingredient is overnight cooked rice

i like egg ~

garlics and red onions ~ the natural flavours ever ..

salty fish cubes ... simply because my fridge has it thus i just put it in ...

vege ~ i used to put vege in the fried rice .. yes ~ it's not weird ...sometimes just lazy to cook it separately . but remember to put it in at last , cook for 1 to 2 minute only then off the fire

cooking ...

it is ready to serve~

I'm enjoy my day today ~ yeah i'm doing nothing except facebook-ing, cleaning the whole house, msn and editing the photos ~ hehe .. i was making my own SOP , yet im not manage to edit it , and end up some photos are missing .. here to post the trial version , the 1st menu, fried rice. This is because it is fast and easy to prepare. Sorry if this gives you bad impression of eating fried rice.. haha .. because this recipe is simply i added what can I get from the fridge just now , and modified from the traditional common fried rice, where it has no salt or pepper added, but it contains vege .. it's my dinner ~ of course not only this plain fried rice , there are steam ikan belut and a soup , but i'm tired to upload ... ciaoz ~


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