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Saturday, October 22, 2011

♥ 还记得 .... 我们的 FAC NIGHT

-I attended to the LifeScience Fac night , at Bangi Golf Resort ... It was a raining night ...

When I was there, I saw a lot of people out there. . yet when I went in , the number of people surprised me.. I am aged ... perhaps it was normal since 2 years ago ... where we never attended life science fac night anymore.
1st pair of candidate ( left &right ).. also won as Princess

another candidate girl ... new sing K kaki
I've no idea y jia wei wanted to be bullied by junior .. lolx

Group photo

~ = back to the past , our Fac night 2007 , Uniten =  ~

2007 - 1st year of us & absentees =p 

this year  committee

  expired Fac king

There are half of the juniors in batch 2011/2012 .. yet they still managed to win the best sketch ! great job boys & girls ♥   

2007 - Well ~ we were the best sketch winner though ( used to be ? XD )

candidate's performance - guess what ? 

 the 2nd year + some 3rd yr

 4th year

 my expression was slower ..still good capture

 food science family ♥

can't fit all ><

we (1st yr juniors ) & the ''4th" seniors (during that time =p. 1st batch of 4 yr course)
[ prince queen ]

for Fac King & Queen .... will be inherited from generation to generation =p

 2007 - 青春无敌  =D
2011 - 岁月不饶人 Y_Y

Feel touched when we are one ♥


kok hou said...

Great moment i ever have in UKM =D

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