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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning, the most hardworking "personnel" in the 1st day

Everybody has official OFF day in the 1st day of the year, but the Mr.Sun does not. It still arises in the exact time.

Everybody sleeps late during the 1st day of the year .. yeah .. me too ...

The 1st thing after wake up, what do you do ??

And then, what will you do ?

hmmm ... i wish 1st day of the year can be more than 24 hours , as I wish I can become even lazier for longer ...

Otherwise, i have to wait after 364 days ...

Golden 24 hours of the 1st day of the year ... it is so precious yet it's so hard to hold.

I, use 24 hours, to make my wishes , for the coming 364 days, I think I am too generous ...

COuntdown !!

ya .. after counted-down for the past xmas and the new year, it's time to count for the day to go home !!! yaY~~~

29 days to GO ~~~~~~~~


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