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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yeah ~ I got flawless Skin !

lolz ~ finally the day has came.
I didn't edit the photo k ... 
I & my coursemate

 This was amazing !
Went to it with my coursemate, MingFoong , as I intensively to get someone to go with me since last day =) ~ hehehee .. enjoyed the session ~ yuuhuuuu

Upon arrival ~
 light refreshment

                        I like the model .. she so sweet                               almost done
out of control camwhoring
We bought these
What I got from the workshop
Finally, I bought the Starwhite skin refiner ... hmmm .... Initially wanted to buy according to the offer . But I don't really need the others as I just bought last day ... somemore one of the BA advised me it's time to change ... But I think for next time .. 

Went to LowYat to change my sleeve .. In the end, I got this too .. Just tried it ... wOW ! bro .. this is not bad too larr ...  I'm satisfied now :)

I'm exhausteD!!! fed up with ktm  la... come on .. can you on time ? And why you never have aircon ? We all breatheless inside the box please !!!!!!!!! And I don't know why some guys/men/boys they want to squeeze in the boxes reserved for LADIES ONLY. They don't know they are not female ? PLease lar.. be gentlemen a bit although you would tell me : I'm NOT A MAN ! urrghhh .......


LOve MY LIfe~ said...

How is the workshop??worth it??

Barbie @ eSter said...

yup ... definitely worth for money .. but the make up session might not too efficient cuz got distractions and abit rush ...

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