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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today is a Present ! muAkS~

muahahahahahahahahahah ... I know I know ... everybody is waiting for the stories and photos ... be patient ..too many too tell ...  ~ YaHUU!!!!! shop shop shop... sing sing sing  ~~~~~~
This is me in the morning ...

We don't know who is our examiner until we went into the room. This morning when I reached , I met Akong went out from his room but he supposed inside the presentation room . Then he talked to me so long ... but I merely remembered he mentioned : eye contact , eye contact , eye contact... then talked about he wanted to introduce bla bla bla to me ... can be from japan, there , there , vietnam , china ... etc ...after graduate . I don't know what happened and why ... until Prof.A asked him from the presentation room to invite Dr.N to go into the room, he ignored her and keep talking with me ... 

Then I met up my groupmates in office then she told me my examiner is Akong. So the conversation just now is I need to " eye contact" with Akong ? lolx ... I was so blur ...  In fact that time,I just want to tell Akong, when do we go to dinner? ( As I and the seafood family dealed before) because my heart was already flied to sgwang and midvalley , greenbox, and hair salon this morning ..I can't wait .. The time you have for your  presentation is only 15 minutes, yet it seems so long to pass ....

After I went into the room , Akong again ,asked me get a chair to sit down .. as everybody was sitting .. He said he did not feel comfortable when he saw me standing but I said Im so comfortable ...  when I stand , I am relax.. lolsss ....  my boss senyum2 again at the other side ... hahah ... but I really can't find a chair that time.. somemore I did not stand ... but I was laying at the table ... I'm so pai seh ...

Then my turn , OMG !!! The laptop using old version argh !!!!!!!! my nice slides spoil jorrr ....... make sure you try to open your ppt to test the projector .. don't be fancy for the slides

The question we expected will be questioned were questioned .... sotong , you see .. we filtered the questions liao ba .... you just focused your field ...

Akong asked me few questions only ... I should be thankful , we did not argue or explained until bergaduh and fighting .. hahahahah of course.... some are gaduh only but no fighting okay ? no worry ... they did not gaduh , but they inspired us .. THanks ~~ but my boss ? alamak .. when Akong asked me the 1st question , he, my sv larr ...  gave me eye signal and senyum2... that ' yakin , walaupun anda mungkin perlu berbohong' / 'you can asnwer it' ( because he used totell  : nvm ... your can do it ...while we keep shivering ..) =.=" ...  this was what came out from my mind ... He didn't has the intention to rescue me ..... sob sob ... feel like drowning ...  But I didn't need to lie... haha .... I know the process.. how ? why ? what ? > just study from the journals, and we asked our senior who doing that before this , although not very clear because her paper is not publish yet .

My 1st response was :  Actually I don't need to do that (step) .

But Akong insisted want to know =.=" He even gave me the example , "How do you get the yeast from you manggis ?" huaaargggh!!!!! I can't escape .... but the one I studied before don't have manggis worr .

I said : can I use mangga or bamboo shoot ??  ( atleast I read before)
 ( lolz ! in fact the method is the same , just the samples are different . The method/ process is called " isolation of yeast from fruits " , or more common , "isolation of microorganism" .)

I ended up saying using bamboo shoot... but then stucked . not because of the method,but the language . I was trying HARDly to tell in BM ..hahaha .. because the time we learnt this lab was in BI ... where <  we homogenized the sample in a stomach bag in the homogenizer ... > ( it took me ... a minute ... to give up )

In the end, I talked in rojak .. lolz .. In last line, I said again :  But we don't have to do that .... we will try to do if time is allow .. because this process takes long time.. (it's no harm to learn .. and we quite curious about it too ... hahaha)

 A good day for me , a good supervisor although he did not rescue me & let me dying at there somemore ... a good examiner who giving solutions,interests and advices ... and the time I presented , "lecturers-lecturers" not in ... and Dugong's papa no question for me as well ... really lucky ~ huhuhu .... In fact, for 2 days , I found that dugong's papa asked a lots ...everybody is so scared of him ..So he did not interested with my topic ? or my sv ? why he didn't give me his opinions? nvm la... it's over ..

Akong gave me BIG tick on my proposal again ~~ 

I hate my hair ... today look like xiao za bo ... I need to dye my hair ....

Then is my groupmates' turn , who might be the bakal ustaz akmal ... bout the HALAL breadmaking ... then his response during Q&A session was so funny .. so he cannot understand the examiner's slang .. but his response was like electrical-shocked ... he kept saying. . harr.. aper... macam mner... arrhhh ??? ... lol like beh song ...

NExt :   my groupmate ~ tapai Queen

being questioned gao gao also .. 
by choco king 
but i did not listen well what her problems ...just hearing all lecturers so interested with her 'tapai-making'

 this back ...again
of courselarrrr .... 
we sure sit behind boss / abang kami ... =þ
 the hero Y ~ sotong's examiner ... 
reading his gaya ukm ...( we feel so funny as the lecturer was a bit panic indeed like us as well to get well preparation )
my groupmate present
he senyum2 ....
groupmates ~
food science icons
very relaxing ~ capture the ppl from opposite ~
war-ing ..many questions from abang yusof ..
 sotong showed her blur power
after failed to capture many timess ..
finally ok ..

hehe  .. my boss finished his work..We ran into his room ...he asked any top secret ??? We : saja nak ambil gambar ....hahaha  ~  in fact .. just finish presentation ......... for proposal .. not viva ~~ lolx

he smiles so naturally ~ so he must banyak puas hati ?? 

 He is examiner for cucu Akong S
Akong is my examiner ...
YEah ~~~~~ roti gang geng ,  roti gang xing ~  XD 
I feel geli when I typed so but this is the motto...
muahaahhahahahahahaahha ...
this is how we defined : 
" smile with teeth only , eyes missing "

It seems like an ending ,yet another beginning is coming ... before too late ~ have to thank to the seniors who helped alot ... especially > KL & SF ~and my dear mates, groupmates, and coursemates ~

Tomorrow morning will have meeting with dr. again ~ to review today's presentation ... hoho .. tomorrow take photo again .. wuakakakakakakkak

p/s: 'gonna print one of the best group photos and frame it and "paksa" him to display in his room .. hahha ... so that next time juniors jelez us  ... because we saw Akong's room got seniors' group photos ....bilik abang kami cuma ada model-model motorbike & sportcars ... and endless papers & books yg bertimbun-timbun on his table ...
*updated :  our faces are here !!
After meeting tomorrow ~~ It's partty time ~~~ going to sing ~~!! pls join us !! ~~ heheheh  .....

Just got latest announcement , mid sem for my abang's subject is postponed and lecture is cancelled !!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what should we do ??? sing again ?


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