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Sunday, September 12, 2010

McDonald's Love Your Favorite Love The Twist

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omg .. I saw this yesterday when I was doing window shopping ( sorry not coming soon, it came . i couldn't get the latest like I saw last9 ) .. what ???? double or triple?  It is crazy ..... but they like it ~ .. just check out here , cheesy mcshaker ??  hehe .. this is my favourite .. i know they are all evil and toxins ...

Yet , fast food is not my cup of tea .. Only we have no time and no choice , we'll go for it . Last day a junior said that having mcD is so good, because have more varieties ? Varieties ? only 10 from the menu and they basically not cheap , yet is convenient only , for a student okay ? oH no ... we don't like fast foods .. please go away .. atleast I don't really like ...

btw, since their happy meal is giving out Powerpuff girls' "toy"  ...I think I want to get Bubbles !! arghhhhhhhhh it is last day ~ and my area does not have Mcdelivery :~~~


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