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Monday, February 27, 2012



今天我被逼上了一堂神学. 本人是佛教徒.. 但是只要有神助,不管你是上帝还是阿拉我都照信.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Give away - SexyLook草莓粉刺净空组

I'm giving away this Sexy Look blackhead remover set  ( 草莓粉刺净空组 ) , because I found that I'm allergy to unknown chemical from it. Who wants to try , please leave your comment as below :

Address :
Contact no:

I could only give to the lucky one who is nearest to my place , else if you are really interested with it, just pay me postage of RM10 for pos laju to reach your door step =) .

You can see the post was around Oct 2010 until now, I used 3 times only .

It has been long time I did not post somethings related to beauty =p ... Well .. tomorrow shall visit to a beauty exhibition ~ stay tune !

ouch ! March is attacking .

It's going to enter March , seems so fast yet so slow . Alright , February seems too dramatic & I let it go .

I got my car yesterday .... Happy and next month I'm gonna pay for 1st installment, unhappy .

it's locked

I received some emails regarding my blog is unreachable these 2 days . Yes, I limited certain people with their email address are pemissible to read. Due to some reasons, I have to do so and I have nothing to declare. If you wish to follow, let me know your email . Thanks for support =)

Friday, February 24, 2012

今天和同事们造反...因为这个月我们不能做我们最爱的联谊活动-唱k ... 实在无法忍受 ... 我们在办公室内把音乐放大... 打开嗓子飚歌 ...

今天我完全没有用到今天的一分工钱... 因为我来不及吃早餐... 没有时间吃午餐... 下午茶auntie竟然没有开... 所以还是回家自己煮晚餐 ..... 

生活太乏味了...... 公司一片死气沉沉 ......三五知己约出去也提不起劲....



Thursday, February 23, 2012


这个星期是还没出粮的...所以我完全负资产了..厌倦....!! 今天无敌头痛 ... 真想请病假 T__T ...

最近动力火车的歌打的很凶 ... 看来票房很好...因为我竟然拿不到票 ..  下个目标, 林海峰是但嗡 ....

三月要来了.... 究竟我的贵人几时出现的? aihh ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man, we are not your maid !

Today was trapped in Kesas all the way from Puchong ... Puchong is a place which it jam all times like there is no tomorrow ....

Meanwhile listening to the radio, they talked about can you ( the boys) tolerate your girlfriend who doed not do any house works ? And ... most of them cannot accept that a girl cannot do house works. But, they themselves the guys also do not know how to do ( most of them said : I also dont know how to do ar ... )

I always hear guys complained their girlfriends never do house works .. but when question them why don't they do by themselves, they always say they don't know how to do ...   What do you mean by " you don't know how to do ? " .. you dumb ... *nah*

I can do, and I do when I want to do house works. But we are not your maid who lets you to order me to do house works , and you told me you cannot do because you don't know how to do ... argghhhh .....

I just cannot accept ... Do house work is something neutral, not girly,  but all men always presumed their grandma, their mother, their sisters, their girlfriend, their wife born to be doing house works =.= " !

Monday, February 20, 2012

it was a good monday

Alright, pray does help. Today is not too bad Monday... another sale is coming in ... but today seems the vacancies are not much .

I talked with a "squid" after 2 months we did not on the phone / last meet  .. lolz !!  until phone out of battery . Yes, most of my friends are seafood members, tools, chemicals, microbes, power of physcis, abstract objects, gay,  etc etc ..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Should be relieved .. ?

I am always like to talk to strangers regarding anything happens in my life .. like I couldn't dream about my millionaire ; I dreamed about I was singing energetically after I did nothing on my wonderful Saturday ; I talked to the sky why it didn't let the stars blink to me .... etc etc ...

These stories always would appearred here eventually , somehow some are just too confidential that I could only share with some people , because I do not know when is the day the name I mentioned here, or the affair I published here, were being googled coincidentally .

Saturday, February 18, 2012

可以更好的 =D

是的,继 上一篇文章, 那间公司是打来叫我去再面试的, 不过我也疯狂地把五千+大元的offer给推掉了. 是咯...本人是有点不正常....

现在开始要更积极地找工鸟 ...........

说到鸟  .... 很久很久以前,我还是20岁卜卜脆的时候 ....我认识了一只鸟,

Thursday, February 16, 2012


好高潮迭起的一个星期. .. 还混乱在前天的状况,今天就收到最后通知 . 不过在见客户来不及回复了.

目前这份 工作 ,也是第一份 工作, 也是不知面试了n份,大概十二三有了,还要面试一个小时,半个小时后就要决定下个星期立刻上班.

这一次,申请了一天,第二天就面试,这个人很好,因为我改了几次时间,原本只是一次,可是后来突然生意谈成了,客人聊起来了,结果一迟再迟. 所以也带着很复杂的心情面试去. 没想到在这种该死的时刻竟然close到sales..... 狗屎运 ...

今天是第四天,接到未接来电,也许是叫我再去一次, 那天还说下个星期会同知(场面话.以后如果你没有收到 就是你可以再努力找找别的) .


基础待遇和我目前没有差别,只是津贴是非一般地多,帮我养新车... 足以满足我物质 上一切的享受 ..基本上可以唱更多k,happy hour gao gao ... 工作性质相对的起步会是更辛苦. 所以物质是拿来填补我生理上的损失.

命理学来讲,这个新的公司..工作在里面会非常地压力,即使赚钱, 钱也不到员工手里.  


再比较我的八字, 我的贵人应该肖羊或牛, 我忘了问面试我的人肖什么. 也许我应该问我的客人他肖什么 .... 

天啊 你干嘛作弄我。。。

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

犯贱 ..



很难做的,通常都是事倍功半,工多钱少; 不用做什么的回报率总是很高.

又有星座分析 share .. 太长... 只bold重点 ... 



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where is my way ?

I am lost.. Today is valentine's day but I concluded it is my bad day .

Schedule out of time .. Interview was changed 3 times until the interviewer criticized. Yet still not the big problem. The interview was smooth and inspiring , yet it made me more confused now. Learnt something which I hate to know , life is too bad when you know the truth.

It needs courage to dare to change ,I have it.
It needs commitment to work on it, I have it.
It has to lie yourself somehow, which I still cannot make it.

I closed a deal today before I rushed to interview; And I failed the interview( not sure but I'm gonna give it up for 2nd interview).

I feel so bad today, I feel even bad today because I am alone and I am 25 .


can't express my anger. T_T

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


工资还拿不到 ,还要遇到车坏了,还要电话也坏了 ...还要很迟才到家 。。。明天还有什么?

沮丧 。。 还是做不了什么 。。


还有大家也别 whatsapp, talkbox 本人了... 苹果烂了...

本人深深体会当你山穷水尽 老天还要给你富贵病 .. 非要你痛不欲生 ... :哀:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life. Life?

" This is life. " -一句很简单就可念出来的英文句子, 在现实生活中乐观地这是一句很激励人心的话 ; 悲观的会是一句绝望灰心的话.

昨天把超过一个月的薪水给花了. 今年第一个月的薪水还没拿到. 终于下定决心把车给下定了,彷徨可是还是要面对.
我还在争扎要买白色还是银色,因为本人一年洗车一次  =.=


Thursday, February 2, 2012

When $ is no longer the prior concern

When $$ comes at the first place, I can endure everything.

But now $$ is no longer my priority, even if you are now re-twist again what you have broke your promise, I am fucking not happy to work with you anymore.
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