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Thursday, April 10, 2014

1 year anniversary

Last year today, it was my 1st official reporting day to this company.

Before I continue, I'm still 40% getting my sales report done indeed.. sigh..  prepared my butt and lung to be bombarded in coming weeks. Today is definitely an extremely exhausted day and more to come I believe. Oh yeah.. I have been not hitting since January this year.. Yeah ... Quarter 1 is not hitting is very bad for a salesperson.. and now is 2nd week of April .... ehem... therefore I am still awake here.

So how ? Brain stopped functioning at the moment. Just realize hungry at this time... I miss korea bbq badly T_T ...

Well.... this post is to praise myself that I have completed 1st year in current company. I love what am I doing now actually ( okay.. I just complained I didn't hit ... ) .. I just like to sleep more before I go to work so basically what I don't like only the meeting day ... lorrr .... any other matters are not a problem.

Satisfaction does not come alone due to incentive only but also the relationship with customers.
I am so blessed and touched that a known to be very difficult to tackle customer has finally acknowledged me as a friend instead of customer-supplier relationship. I gained his respect. I know he does not really support what I am trying hard to promote to him, desperately need him to use, with so many ways that I have tried. Now, he is no longer now sabotage and scold me, this is one of my job satisfactions.

ok finish bull shit... incentive still the main satisfaction at my current age. As long as you don't get incentive, means you don't hit, and you gotta explain why deficit.... ok GOD I need miracles ...

This is an aspired industry that I wanted to join before my 1st job.
A job that most people wanted to get where the so-called one of the luxury income sale jobs ( Is it?)

My answer is, you decide how you want it to be. Patience and persistence are what you have to equip. Luck and miracle are greatly needed when you are desperate.

Today is my 1 year full service in this company.

Of course, I earned more than the previous job, consistent with the stress level. This job is more stressful with no doubts.

Work load is lesser, physically yet mentally challenging. Ya, always back pain and I actually just started yoga recently ^^.

Old folks said, when you survive well in harsh environment, you can easily adapt to any new environment.

Yes, I came from a another working environment and here is like #omg, I should have change my job earlier man! But not to forget, there are still a lots of good things that you could explore out there. Don't limit yourself.Yet not everybody adapts well from local company to MNC or vice versa... due to many reasons e.g. culture shock, passion, job satisfaction etc... ok I got no culture shock and I am so passion and satisfy with my job and quick adapt ... well... everything is just pretty good... just dont know why I do not meet my another half for so long... like water rationing wtf ....

High turn over rate is a norm in this industry. Every 2 month ever since I joined, there was 1 teammate left. To date, they only left 2 from the batch still fighting around. Ex boss and ex-colleagues almost gone.

Not too surprise with the come and go. The dagajie is leaving soon, some said unexpectedly....
I  would say it takes courage to go and never too old to move further.

Leaving is another good starting. People go for better future is something we should bless for, correct me if I am wrong. We will never younger than this moment.

 ex boss + colleague farewell , 2 missing.
  new boss + new comers in Jan 2014

 When opportunity comes at right time, don't let it go.

Die young or live wild.

Blessed to know everyone of your.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


淚水陷入愛不愛的迷陣 閃躲的眼神 
不再等你承認 切割我的靈魂怎麼可能
只怕陷得越深卻越冷 誰為我心疼
擁擠的人群裡 陽光下漫步 和自己的影子旅行 
關於 愛情 我答應你 彼此不約束對方在一起
孤注一擲的用心 我不曾怪你不夠確定 
我不是你的唯一 沒有關係 
我一直這樣告訴我自己 心誠則靈 
我用時間收集感情 換感動你的那一份決心
我不是你的唯一 守護著你 我一直讓你自由來去 
別人眼裡 我偉大的很不爭氣 愛你我很堅定 
我在你的心裡 隔著一段距離 

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