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Friday, September 3, 2010

Special dedication to Abang Maaruf

abang Maaruf lagi ? tak habis-habis ni .. muahahahahahahahaha

I , sotong, dugong and salmon were giving an appreciation cert to the abang Maaruf.. after two times QC checked by Dr. Maaruf .. and most important , of course, only if when got the EXCELLENT from abang , on Monday , baru we can return this gratitude to him. lolzz ...

And the surprise is ....

We minta Dr. to pass to abang nanti ...

he put aside... because we didn't have paku or what ... 
actually we want to hang on the wall on his right .. hahah

I lazy to show what is written on that ... haven't edit that photo ... feel free and visit his room to check out the content ...  lol ~ The thing was done by me, with the foundation of supports from the 3 others girls ... we were abit gila ... because most the time ... Dr. will call us kawan .. then tindakan refleks from us is ya, abang . Then his turn dont know how to response .. he wants to call us adik aa ?? Those from Bun Bun , yr prefer he calls so isn't it?????  lolx ! So in the cert .. i don't know what title to put ...en./ dr./abang/kawan  ? so I put all ... in the end asked , apa tu ? siapa  abang ni ? lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was most funny ....

And everytime I saw my coursemates from BunBun , we must talk abt abang. . bcuz they are actually the 1st person giving this abang title .. rapidly ... abang tu dapat 53 adik dalam 3 hari .. lol

p/s: i don't know he likes it or not .. but this is the only little thing we can do to show our truly appreciation to the lecturer .... that's why i have my supporting mmbs..lolz


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