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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My daily care ~ Top : Part 2

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Part 2 => Hair care

I tried on this .. freebie I got from Beautiful fair last day
I used 1 pkt only
Unfortunately , the result is so so only .. My hair too dry ..
They are what I need to apply from washing to blowing ..
From left to right:
Shampoo , mousse , nutrient water,
hair mask ( orange , keratase-for frizzy n brittle hair ;
pink, for colored hair ; 
yellow, for dry hair)
How to take care permed hair ?
And maintain the curls .
Use Ms. Huhu ~

Yeah,you need to fix them into it .. before you start "hong" it ~
I was trying hard to capture ... but my hands were busy ...
They will in bundles ~
Usually I just let it 80% dry , and let them in bundle. Unless you need to go out after that .

The next day when you wake up,they will curl naturally .. just apply some water if you want it more volume .
Ehem... well... the whole process ... takes long time ... So, you should not be lazy. And I usually do it at night .. muahaha ..


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