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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Korean Make Up Workshop at JUSCO Mid Valley ! Who wants to accompany me ?


But I need some one accompanies me to go together .. you won't regret to join okay ?? let me know asap ...

 I want to go on 18Sept, 11-1pm session ,as I have date with my coursemates to go beauty expo on 19Sept at KLCC ...

Yes, you hv toRM150,but RM120 is redeemable of any products , and there is goodie bag . But if you are not interested with their products then I think it is slightly not worth because you can't use it. Or you can give one of the products you redeem to me ? because my birthday is coming ~~ huhuhu muaks muaks ~ if you do so .. muahahahahah

Korean Make Up Workshop at JUSCO Mid Valley. Learn tricks and tips to achieve the flawless natural look :)

Learn Korean Makeup Tips & Tricks from us! Natural flawless look with a semi-smokey eyes is “the look” this season!

Date: 18th OR 19th September 2010

Time: Session 1: 11am - 1pm
Session 2: 3pm - 5pm

Venue: The Gardens Hotel & Residences

To join us, purchase a RM150 voucher from Jusco Mid Valley LANEIGE counter.

>> RM120 is fully redemable on LANEIGE products! ( yeah ~ i wanna refill stocks too )
>> There will be also a Door Gift worth RM300 for the participants ( believe me! it really worth ! )
>> Light refreshment will also be provided! ( this one I don't know what ) ..

after 1pm .. you can show off at midvalley shopping mall.. hahahaha ( this is the secret of my "skills" , okay ? Learn from them better than learn from me  )

BTW , I saw laneige in melaka having promotion sets.. I was so excited and feel like call to my juniors to grab for me..lolz.. i was crazy of it ... ARE THEY REALLY GOOD ? emm .. i think depends individual .. for me, the skin condition who is so so so terrible , is really hard to meet a products that really fulfill what you need , whitening+acne+ dry + bla bla bla ... + most important AFFORDABLE .. so far , I met..  and that is LANEIGE =) ~

(sources from here )


dblchin (double chin) said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy sweetie!

WaiYee @ eSter said...

yeah ~ looking forward to it. . just call to counter to make sure is there any voucher left .. update after I go to it =)

hevn said...

Wahhhhhhhh.. I would have loved to go!! But I'm in Penang and I can't take anymore leave (I work on Sundays) it'll be too rush to go and come back T.T

Take lots of pictures okay? Looks so fun!

p.s: About the eyelash glue, I'm planning to hopefully get back DUO or Shu Uemura. But I'm too poor now so I can't buy them and test them yet :P
But you might also want to ask Dlbchin, she's an expert on these me thinks XD

WaiYee @ eSter said...

icic ~ no prob ~ hehe

what about the eyelash fix from Dolly wink ? actually i so wanted those with the brush ... so tat i can fix it anytime .. but duo or shu doesnt work for me ...

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