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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm OFFICIALLY in holiday MODE !!!

w00h00000~~~~~~~~~!! cuti-cuti i lurrvvv you ~~~

YES! tomorrow is not the 1st day of holiday but we have no lecture anymore and most lecturers are going home. And my boss is the most efficient and got No.1 on the on leave board ...

although he said he has working on next week ... 
but i don't think he is
Had passed a card to akong ... because my coursemates are going to his house during raya , and  to confirm everything before holiday is ON !  phiewss.... tonnes of workssssssssssssssssssssss And akong really not joking . my dear we make a date to dinner or lunch or what so ever with akong okay ? haha ... I can't imagine it..

btw, akong criticized my brother today.. alamak .. 2 conflicts here. 1st , akong really pay attention in anything we say and do.. we all so shocked when he corrected us. But then,the question came out, is this our mistake or msia education problem ? For me, my english teacher really never teach me about the words, "that's means" "that means" .. i know it is "that means" , but i tend to speak thats means , i don't know why .. but my tongue can't pronounce certain words .. my friends know it .. "linai-linai" moral .. and her name.. until now ..  still same .. lolz ... when come to words with "s" . i feel dying .. just like some people having "big tongue" , it's hard ...  :( maybe my tongue is not "big" , but i think is bigger than the normal's . I am trying hard to improve to my English in blogging ,and soon I think I need to blog in Bahasa Malaysia to assist me in thesis writing.

Second conflict, person or  institution ? Like what seniors said, we come from UK                          M ......
sigh sigh sigh . akong commented because my brother come UK                       M and UK as well.. so which means which ???  I feel so guilty , not due to brother , but myself. If he did come back from UK and did the same, what about me ? poor poor poor ...... That time I really wish to dig a hole to go inside deeply ...

 my brain stuck ...
to be continued


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