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Monday, February 28, 2011

g00d news

this morning couldn't sleep well , woke up at 5am ... just feel something uncalm ...

was rushing doing some tasks yesterday yet still incomplete ...

but then as sun rise ... the "good news" arrived into my phone =D ~~~  finally we are relieved ~~~ =D  & i started to ee oo eee o him again .. muahaha ...

2 lecturers had cancelled their lectures this week ... it seems that we are so free .... but next week definitely suffering as there will be class replacement and midsem. A few are asking whether my sv's class tomorrow will be cancelled too or not ... thus i sent him a mail.

he texted me in the afternoon  that " tmrw will have lecture . Tq " ..

just checked my mail ... and saw this ... haha  .. 1st time i saw his text in CAPITAL & BOLD .... this man really ... /swt

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A night to be remembered forever - Part 2

too many photos to be shared from here . So I make it another part =) ..

might not own the best video quality ... 
but the greatest effort done by the juniors .. this guy & this girl 
ops.. i also do not know them well but definitely the guy in the clip was impressive .. hahah 

DInner's introduction video clip

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A night to be remembered forever

date : 25 Feb 2011
venue : Prescott Hotel kajang ballroom

too tired .. post for photos which do not need to edit .. hehe

read more (i have solo photo with my SV .. hehe ) >>

Friday, February 25, 2011

I got make up frm Laneige @ midvalley !

as i mentioned .. i went to it ~

free 8R portrait .. but after scanned the effect is not good .. 
thanks to the photographer but i did not sempat know his name =(


该怎么形容今天的心情? 我组友说,无言。

尽管他再怎么努力地在会议诉说他的不舍 , 我们也不妥协。。。


准备出门去course night ....  我希望可以把情绪控制得很好。。。



今天一早更劲爆。。。 老板八点就打来。。还短信。。。 我要疯了!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

感情如衣服 。。

刚和系友看了电影回来。。看后感迟点才发表。。。 不过看见这篇。。很想分享。。。是原文转贴.

" 新年期間,和同學相聚,在互聊中發現,短暫一年裡發生了很多事情,無論感情、事業、家庭、經濟……都改變了大家的看法與觀點。

The1st mid sem paper in the LAST semester ...

sat for the 1st paper in this last semester last night.. unfortunately .. brought me an unharmony night ...

in fact the questions were easy .. but then .. we expected something very hard... think too much ..

in the end.. the basic has forgotten .. left blank paper ... lecturer even stood beside me .. and I covered my answer sheet in 0.000000001 sec ... as rapid as i could .. how scary was that ...

a not so good subject, named DIEttherapy ....die hard subject .. i pray hard .. result please dont too dissapointed .. the 1st time i pray for good result ..

because my sv tsaid his should be scored.. oh no .... he overestimated my ability  .......... and causing i am under pressure now ... elevated blood pressure would persist until viva done ...

Monday, February 21, 2011

A busy week starts, perhaps ?

a coursemate of mine reminded me this is the last week of February 2011.. omg .. we keep countdowning the days !! NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The week starts with a killing mid sem paper - DIEt therapy .... i'm studying about OBESITY, weight control management, LIver, gallbladder, pancreas, diet planning, cancer and nutritional therapy & assessment for cancer patients ... wuarrrghhhhh ....................

I feel guilty as I got my bone density check last day where I got negative result for that, thus I started my socalled health diet plan last week where i have to adhere to regular consumption of old fashioned oat, during my dinner, and 2 cups of calcium milk drink daily, reduction of sugary foods, fat foods are totally banned, as well as low carb meals should be adhered to too !

ugh .. hopefully habits can be slightly changed ... & physical activity is a MUST ! but usually fail ..

A medical check up is needed to monitor ! so Wednesday shall go to blood test ... hopefully everything is under control !! & shall have a movie with coursemate, an interesting movie .. i guess .. as i do not really understand too from the trailer ...  

Thursday shall go to the remaining whitening body scrub session which had purchased last day from the voucher deal ..

FRiday is the annual general foodscience dinner yet in the afternoon I'm gonna go for a shop > this .. hehe ! I 've bought the voucher ~~

Saturday ! the gathering of secondary schoolmates ~~ hopefully can make it .... I think I missed a lots of gatherings this year .. uhmmm ...

I think it is not simply a busy week .. may be more busy than I can magine ..

Laneige White Plus Renew Promotion @ midvalley 21-27 Feb !

Come visit us @White Plus Renew Promo,North Court Mid Valley,21-27 February '11 Receive 7pc gifts, Jewelry Case & Shoulder Bag upon RM480 purchase Also pamper yourself with Brightening Apple Zone Massage, it's absolutely FREE!

 North Court Mid Valley

Mon, 21 Feb 2011 - Sun, 27 Feb 2011 ~~ 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gotcha in Faces

Accidentally, my friend has found a photo of us during the visit to The Library MidValley soft lauching last year in a magazine ... published during last January

I still able to recall the photographer is a lovely lady ~ hehe ...  .. cool !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

lay back, the Saturday's afternoon ~

TOday is a busy and lazy day ....

Weather is HOT !

Yet it is good for exercise ... extra tools for you to sweat , burn out your excess fats !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Laneige Latest Promotion !

Laneige introduces its latest White Plus Renew products, which are an extension of the existing White Plus Renew range. The latest products will include the Laneige White Plus Renew Foam Cleanser, Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Protector SPF12PA+, and the Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream SPF36PA++. This improved formula whitening care range promises a more intensive and meticulous care especially on the apple zone, which is the eye and cheekbone area, with its three-step melanin blocking system.

Anyone Interested to go with me ???? 
The Laneige White Plus Renew range is an enhanced whitening care line that was designed based on consumer insights on Asian women who expressed the desire for fairer and luminous looking skin that looks fresh and rejuvenated. Skin texture on the apple zone tends to be thin and dehydrated as the apple zone is constantly exposed to the sun, thereby prone to discoloration, blotches and uneven skintone.

The Laneige White Plus Renew range also consists of an essence, night cream, eye treatment, apple zone mask, skin refiner and emulsion.

From February 16 - 24, join Laneige at Isetan KLCC (Ground Floor) 
to enjoy their White Plus Renew Promotion! 
Furthermore, receive a 7-pc gift set, 
a Laneige diary and a blue travel bag with purchase of RM480 and above of Laneige products.

How are you?

To: a dearest friend of mine. I don't know what have happened to you & not intend to further asking about it. I don't know what can I do, what should I help, what can I say.. Somemore in this moment , at this distance ... If silence is the only solution for tonight, leave the problem aside and just keep your brain free. I hope everything will come to the end and a new beginning is waiting for you. Please take care and I miss you and 10port you whenever you need. *muacks*.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

最强电影. 最强初六

我朋友请我看了《最强喜事》。。。还请了我吃晚餐。。。。。这样度过年初六应该还不错。。 。


Monday, February 7, 2011


 爱情使人忘记时间,时间也使人忘记爱情。-- 《思念里的流浪狗》




放下尊严, 放下个性, 放下固执, 都只是因为放不下一个人。

最好的丈夫, 是讓妻子享盡榮華富貴的丈夫。 最好的情人是隨傳隨到, 而且每天令我有惊喜。

忘记一段逝去的感情、忘记一个已经不爱你的人,那个过程,就像戒除毒瘾一样痛苦。毒瘾发作的时候,你痛苦得全身发抖、身体扭曲、五内翻腾,你 恨不得一头撞向墙壁,你倒在地上挣扎,痛哭流涕,失去了做人的尊严。可是,谁叫你吸毒?凡事都有代价?开始的时候你就应该知道。--《幸福の鱼面颊》



抛弃别人总比被人抛弃好过一点,所谓离别,总是一个走,一个留下,走的那个当然比不上留下的那一个痛苦。-- 《思念里的流浪狗》

爱情的抉择有时候跟赌博没有两样,你可能赢,也可能输得一败涂地。你决定去还是不去的时候,要考虑的不是你将来会不会后悔,也不是他会不会永 远爱你。因为你根本无法知道答案。最重要的,是你爱不爱他,是不是爱他爱到愿意豪赌这一铺,虽然你是个贫穷的赌徒。-- 《思念里的流浪狗》


什么都有用完的一天,太阳会用完,空气会用完,燃料会用完,精力会用完。耐性会用完,斗志会用完,爱情又凭什么不会用完?-- 《思念里的流浪狗》




如果有一天我们在路上重逢,而我告诉你:“我现在很幸福。”我一定是伪装的,如果只能够跟你重逢,而不是共同生活,那怎么会幸福呢?告诉你我很幸福, 只是不想让你知道我其实很伤心。











爱火,还是不应该重燃的,重燃了,从前那些美丽的回忆也会化为乌有。如果我们没有重聚,也许我偕带着他深深的思念活着,直到***衰朽。可是,这一刻,我却恨他.所有的美好日子,已经远远一去不回了。 深情是我担不起的重担,情话只是偶然兑现的谎言。





Sunday, February 6, 2011


一个星期的农历新年假期就这样过去了.我仿佛去了另一个空间,时间不见了七天。短短的七天,仿佛过了很久,亦过得很迅速。 连绵的大雨,把整个城市给吞没。劳民伤财。。城市一片寂静,一片汪洋,泥浆铺满街道,大树横道,山泥狂泻,还没来得及把昨晚的雨水给擦干,狂风暴雨毫无怜悯地降临。。。

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 1st gathering in 2011

Initially the plan was to Mr. M's house to make the steamboat gathering ... later, it was changed to place B, to place C, to place D , but in the end , we went to place E, which is a new place for us, located at Bandar Ramai-ramai ..... 海上锅海鲜火锅 ...... 

Was really damn hard to make this ... due to the heavy rain  .... fortunately, still they were there, although not all . 

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