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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Should be relieved .. ?

I am always like to talk to strangers regarding anything happens in my life .. like I couldn't dream about my millionaire ; I dreamed about I was singing energetically after I did nothing on my wonderful Saturday ; I talked to the sky why it didn't let the stars blink to me .... etc etc ...

These stories always would appearred here eventually , somehow some are just too confidential that I could only share with some people , because I do not know when is the day the name I mentioned here, or the affair I published here, were being googled coincidentally .

So I just emailed my recent summary updates to my supervisor . In fact we were on phone last 2 weeks . But the incident last week was too dramatic and I couldn't delay to update him .

Also, I feel slightly relieved as a dear friend of mine has the same matter like mine recently , thus .. we shared . 

Also, I talked to people that are almost 360days far from me about my problem & solution , and they are always my good listeners .

I just pray that tomorrow will not be a too bad day for me. I don't hope it is good , as I still can cope , yet , Monday is always blue but I need a sunny Monday to motivate me to hunt for my right job .

I wish to get my salary by this week , and I need to sing and eat .


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