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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back from Beauty10 Expo ~

phiew~ finally I back from the event ~
WEnt with another coursemate of mine , my intimate lab groupmate ... lol ~

 hehe .. how long I did not hang out with this sweetie ? Did we hang together previously ? lol I can't recall .. if not, then this is our 1st date (after 3 years+) ... muahaha .. we only "date" during labs ....

ehemm .. .too tired to put up the photos .. well .. basiclly when we went out, we carried a bag.. but when we returned , we carried 3 bags (See bottom)... and they were heavy  ...... exhausted yet satisfied !

 We bought cosmetic from Office ~ 20% ~ wuhuu .. I like it ~ upon RM100 free2 pairs of eyelash ..
 she bought the eye base ...  ~ yeah yeah ~
authentic eyelash glue 
 She bought 2 magazines and got all these !! Yuksssss .... last day I bought them but I did not have the bag ! :~~
managing our "bies"

We bought hair shampoo and hair treatment ! YES WE WERE !! our shoulders were so pain by crrying these ...  7 for RM 380 only ~~~~~ damn cheap ... we struggled for long to buy or not to buy because it's really heavy ..
Basically we got freebies more than we purchased , although what we purchased were expensive yet worth for money.

had our dinner at Nando's
This  is lady


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