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Friday, September 17, 2010

I am going to Korean Make up Workshop~

lalalalala... I think I highly promote this since last week ~~ huhu .. finally the day has come ~
I am going to the workshop with a coursemate .. thanks for going with me and interested with it *hug* .. hehehe ... I am so excited .. and I still confuse which should it buy ... I need money badly ...

Another coursemate of mine, who dated with me since last week before she went back to her hometown, just sms me regarding our date on coming Sunday~~ muahaha .. yeah ... I have a lot of dates for this holiday .. and coming ... My September is so great ~ my lucky month =P

yet ... My goodness !! The weekend is going to end !! My groupmate and coursemates are forcing me to face the reality .. The questions like  " is there any midsem paper ?" , "when will be the mid sem paper held ? " , "have you done your homeworks ?? " , " how to do this  ?? " ... arRRRRRRRggggghhhhhhhhh ...
I think this can answer all of your doubts and concerns .

My boss finished his holiday yesterday but I did not buzz him since his 1st day of leave .. lolssss ..

my dearest coursemates ,just stay back and relax ~ end of the holiday will be a tough and hectic road for us to go .... appreciate the great time now before too late .. :) Life is short yet fantastic ~

hehehe .... I enjoy my holiday very well ~

Chatted with a buddy of mine this morning and talked about another buddy of us ... and he rang me up in the evening .. but I missed the call .. Simply want to ask how are you my dear ~ and I MISS YOU !!


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