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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Begining of the day

Some said 21 May 2011 is end of the day ,I pre-posted stuffs to my friends, pre-wishes to friends who going for vacation, pre-greet my sv's birthday which falled on this day,  ate roti canai, roti tisu, teh ais ... stayed awake until 12.00AM of the day, i texted the friends in Sydney .. and thanks, we are still alive =) . I feel good today .. 

in the morning, it was black out at my area .... but weather is good , not too hot .... but ... can't stay home ... went to jusco, grabbed my favourite frappucino ... and hang around ........

Like a refresh, a new day started :)

Friday, May 20, 2011



本来本人对这个报道没什么触觉, 但是因某位非华裔同胞说在某本地华文节目看到我们的讲师给上了节目,姑且我找了一找,也看完了整个节目报道.

才发现,这个黑心事件不是最近才发生,而是人人皆知的"秘密"。超过十年,雪隆一带多少非回教人民,吃过了这些"垃圾猪"? 相信,吃过杂饭的,应该至少中过一次招.本人当然也逃不过,虽然基本上我都只拿青菜豆腐蛋,但免不了有时掺杂一些肉碎在其中... 此刻,你想起了上一次是几时吃过杂饭了吗?

想到这里,真的有点反胃了。虽说是吃不死人,可是,根据1985年食物条例,这不是人吃的东西啊... 罚款可高达rm 100k ,监禁 5/10年(我不清楚),或两者兼施。(好歹我也记得一点点)。不过重点是, “ UNFIT for human consumption ". 

之前某某官员说入口猪肉比较便宜,那时我心想,那只不过某些伎俩赶绝我国的猪农. 我不懂经济,我不懂从大老远把猪肉运来,还要是冷藏的,到底价格有多便宜.而且这些来源又是哪里的国家?中国?泰国?外国的dioxin,瘦肉精风波闹得热烘烘的.... 难道吃瘦肉精比吃死猪好? @@ 



不是说所有猪肉都不能吃, 官员不是说还有10% 是“白心”的吗?所以,可以的话就自己买,自己煮, 谁也不能赖. 至于加工过的,包装,罐头,腌制等等的。。。 就可免则免.....

如今这个"秘密" 被大肆报道,人心的确惶惶, 我感到悲哀....基本上即使是鸡牛羊,除了海鲜,不管有没有因为宗教问题, 非屠宰而死了的,都不应该供人类食用。

此外,如果那些加工猪肉食品,大都从黑心猪肉来的,你又想过,你爱吃的鸡香肠,鸡汉堡肉,鸡肉块...等等的。。。。 快熟美味的processed meat ... 也是......?

问题不在于是不是这类动物-猪, 只不过我们国家有着这样的敏感课题 , 一些人把一些莫须有的当作"武器" .

最近卫生部,兽医部忙坏了.身为刚毕业的食品科学者,看到网民的留言,不知该如何反应.相信全马会认第一的人,也解释不了该怎么分辨黑心还是不黑心食品.... 能有这种lubang的生意人,哪会走正途通过检验?试问有关部门又怎么detect到?

这事一桩, 也许还有很多, 在适合的时机,才揭露在我们的眼前 ...


蓬莱饭店 , Sri Hartamas

Went on Wesak day , sri hartamas branch

full house




Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I ♥ Hong Kong

well.. I'm still in Malaysia but countdown 7 days to leave ... hahaha .........

It seems this sem break is long enough as I see many people going to Europe, some to Cambodia, Vietnam etc .. places that usually not hot spot or high expense .....

As i plan through my shopping list, I am thinking how much money should I bring and my luggage weight ... :X .... mostly skincares , comestic, snacks etc ...

Actually I dont really interested some of the tourist hotspots , I used to see a lot from others... but maybe this time the subject will be me .... phiews ...

My 1st group of friends is there .. lolz .... it is cold ( I thought is getting hot ) ... but is very humid as I know ....

ciaozz ... Next week is going to meet some buddies and Dye my hair as I bought an online voucher here =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

End of the life of Thesis


as in my every post label related to thesis, i labelled them " the life of thesis" , and it was officially ended on last Monday, 9 May 2011.

And I just realized there were 104 entries for that and it has the highest number of posts.

The 1st entry of this label was this, yet the 1st day of the life began is this , the day we were being assigned to the supervisor respectively.

From deciding thesis's title, prepare proposal, presenting proposal, getting apparatus and chemicals, start enter to lab, having unpredictable difficulties in labworks, analyzing data, repeat experiment, finalize result, thesis writing, prepare for final exam, waiting for viva ( could be the most miserable for some who unluckily get "killer" examiners, and thesis submission.

It took 10 months, from July 2010 to May 2011.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I & blogger server down

blogger server had down for past day ... but i have nothing to update as well, as i was down together with it too.

I think, everything related to academic has ended until yesterday, and now I am waiting my HK trip & balik kampung .

hhmmmm..... has been busy for 1 week , tired and speechless .

Thursday, May 12, 2011

say NO to give up !

i can't believe if I say this in real .................................... because I really ... mentally tired !

Monday, picked up thesis, checked , passed up and done ! 

Discussed title with sv to apply scholarship ... and he said submit application with proposal by this friday ! ( WHAT ? )

please consider i did undergrad proposal in 1 month time .. ugh .... TOUGH !

Saturday, May 7, 2011

it's all about 親♥的 ..

06 May 2011

It seemed a bit busy for this day.
Back at 12 am something from here ... keep editing thesis till AM ... went to printing > re-confirm title + sending gift  > print all & binding > met with akong > lunch, dinner, yum cha > clubbing ....

the last photo at this lorong .. perhaps ~
my ex-supervisor ..
finally i got the best photo ♥  
(never ever take photo with him when he is busy .. 
else you won't get the best outcome)
But, sadly .. our eyes swollen ... not enough sleep T.T

then we talked for while.... (again he showed off and "stepped" us )

Dr: all my students are so excellent this year .... ( beh tahan .... with his expression ..) 

remember the souvenirs brought by my senior from Tawau ?

New job: I'm joblesser


The last day I was being a student.

And now my job is not student anymore, I named it "jobless-er" .... lolx

It seems the days passed so fast.. It's SAturday , and i couldn't recall what'd happened last night ... heee ... it was outings' activities .. but what were that ? I merelyremembered someone said, this is the party world of richers ... you stay or you leave ..

speeechless ..... luckily i didnt remember what else happened and heard ..

What to do next week ? I need to dye my hair ~~ lalala .... and .... blogging of course =)

Friday, May 6, 2011

outing days ~ Shop & 甜品哥哥

 04 May 2011

After viva................ we rushed to shop ..... @ JUSco balakong ..

had dinner @Food & Tea ..


Initially we should go ladies night ... but ended up our kaki mostly went back... so the plan changed to Dessert eating ..

 甜品哥哥 @kuchai lama 

BuhbYe ? h♥LLo ~~

04/05/2011 4.10PM

I'd done with my viva ~ yahHhhUuuuuuuuu .... ( it's my turn to shout this out )

I used to be the 1st person in the 1st day to present ,but this time i ended up be the last person in my group to present ....

where I'd been tired to practice until I lost the ohm to fight until the last .... in the end, I presented  with my free style instead of the long script I'd practiced so long.... muahahaha

and what I did before my turn ??
 chit chat with lovely prof 
 Capturing around.....


souvenirs from senior , From Tawau ~ my birth place ..

with the so-called lil bro ... he also wanted to take photo with our dad's door.. lolz
 promoter .. lols

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I ♥ Hang out

I bought an online voucher last day & finally I redeemed it yesterday ..  at Fahrenheit .. because I was "reminded" to maintain lawa ♥  ... since tomorrow i am going to have my viva ..... 
before.. haha .. very long ... 3 months +




scrubbing my legs

pedicure ...
i did hand paraffin too .. but both of my hands doing paraffin , how would expect my legs can capture the process when I was having manicure ? haha 
square shape
DONE ♥ ..
i choose I-12 code of color, it is pink 
my hands so ugly =.=
  my toes like mini cherries or not ? haha i like this.. J-12
& i was wearing this doraemon slippers in KL wholeday ...
 Actually I had a movie with my friend < FF 5 > , at pavilion ... but then i was late for an hour ... 
yeah .. this deal spent 2 hours.. very worth .. It stated 1 hour .. but it was not ... 

underestimated, yet i still able to catch up the movie and it was awesome .. cool ♥ !

The viva war has started ♥

meanwhile my course mates are having viva ...I am blogging here ♥

and, my sv emailed me in the morning ,


Good Luck...
- Dr Maaruf -

 oh no .................. I am stress ...... not stress of presentation ....

 I am stress because I will be "expired" by tomorrow

I am the last person to present in my group tomorrow ... 

And end of that moment, he will be my "ex-supervisor" ......

And, we are "ex-group ates"

and everything will be complete at that point . 04 May 2011 , 1610 . 

and that is the full stop of an undergraduate ♥

kind of depress ..

sob sob sob 

Sunday, May 1, 2011


话说上个星期去了喝东西.不懂为什么,明明没有喊, 离开时没声音了......

转场去唱k , 唱唱下, 又再喝喝下, 声音就回来了..... 还疯到来一首 <听> ...........

不懂是酒精的刺激,还是唱开了.... 原来是这样开声的 ..............

昨晚k瘾发作,不过没唱到 ........ 不懂还有没有机会去唱学生的时段,"我的脚"都回家了 ..........

原来今天是劳动节 .......... 到处都是人 ........都是外地来的 .............
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