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Friday, September 17, 2010

Yeah ~ I went to Fahrenheit88

As I mentioned last day, I went to it yesterdayy with my friend before he was leaving Malaysia.

 First of all, early in the morning, I double confirmed whether the restaurant that I planned to visit is available or not. Opss.. I was misleaded , in fact the sister restaurant is opened there. Well , I don't feel interested with that. And I was a bit disappointed to their official website. As you click the links, I don't think there is any information that really helps.And their official Fb group was just set up.. well they need time .

Today was a busy and rapid shopping day, after we'd done our shopping at lowyat,
 He bought the netbook ..

I bought these .. BUT I'm upset :~~~~~~~~~
check here
 yeah ~ I have a pendrive ... finally .. after xx months
we shifted to Fahrenheit 88 and looked for Marutama Ramen to have our dinner. ( Initially I wanted to go Pasta Zanmai,which I thought it is available, but actually its sister restaurant Sushi Zanmai.) Some said the ramen is one of the Best ramen in S'pore. Early in the morning, I told myself please not to take any junk foods until dinner. As I saw the food bloggers like Sean posted the photos .. @@ ! It looks so big .. and I have no appetite. Now I think I agreed with the Spore blogger .

Of course ! I ordered the signature (spicy) as my 1st visit. Emm ... since I'm not  gourmet expert, it was not the same as I expected. And I don't think a teenager ( I know Im not anymore) should spend a meal like this.
Yeah , there was only 1 pork slice and the rest were the chicken stock soup and the Ramen and seaweed. It is not really spicy ... As you can see
Aka . I should order this according to the blogger. I think this is better than mine...

In fact, I expected the environment is nice and bigger space ... but .... so far so good... In fact the shoplot is abit covered ... And, why is there so hot ?

I think " if  " I shall revisit, I will try on their Tamago (another signature) , we wanted to order but it's not available ... who wants to go for 1st time can date me along ^^ ~ Their menu is simple, or I should say compact ? But if you have difficulty in making decision, I think this is good for you. Just order the most expensive one, and you get everything.. If not mistaken, it should be RM22 ( The one i ordered costs RM18 ) . They recommend Cha Siu ( Sorry this is not halal my muslim friends ) , but I don't think I like (as from feedbacks). GreenTea is RM2, free refill =D . But the staffs and services are good :)

I Really WANted to take this here ( too far ) ! I'm coffee-lover ~ ! Pacific Coffee Company ! Yes, actually they are in Msia quite a some time but I just rarely visit since their outlets are at limited hotspots  ~ all the time I spent my time S/B.

The shops are not fully open yet so it looks a bit empty in the mall(and I feel the aircon is low) And, you would feel, " so many shoe shops opened... e.g. Fabiano , Viss, Lemon, Opera, Summit, Vincci, Charles n keith etc ... )

As rumours, badly wish that the linkage bridge is available in short time, like in HK .. It was so hot ... to travel from Times Square to Pavilion .. you know ... We have no 4 seasons in the year.. all the time "summer" !! And badly , there is only Monorail available at BukitBintang Station .. goshh ...

Late night, lepak at Old Town ..
hot choco ~

p/s: I am in bad mood! Because I thought I bought one of my wish lists .. yet ... aGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, I can't get what I wanted to buy yesterday .. yuks .. gonna return ...


klnguan said...

Yalo.. The netbook sleeve is really misleading.. btw.. is there a smaller netbook available in the market?

Barbie @ eSter said...

ya ... but i don't know what is that called .. it's 7" .. somemore the display at the back also shown ..

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