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Sunday, January 1, 2017

To me 2016

I try....

I did not try. I abandoned this blog. I should have continue since my last post, where I went to Europe in 2016. But I didn't.

A wrap up for 2016 is a must. 2016 has been very pleasant yet tough to me. Full of drama in works, personal, and health.

It started with the announcement where I was the best performer in 2015 and the reward was a trip to Berlin. Definitely the proud moment in my life and I never expect this came to me. A Libra like me always believe in equality and aspire to be equally good to others all my life in whatever I do. But this is definitely a gift from God. I made the wish and He heard me. I make this wish again and I know he hears me.

2016 was a very tough and competitive year for work. A lots of changes in people and matters. Filled with self-doubts, inner conflicts. Everyday when I woke up, the only thing I pray to God that it is a beautiful day, please grant me the strength to embrace all challenges.

I am grateful that all the people in my workplaces are so supportive in all my executions and requests. I have been very demanding and set very high expectations to myself. I am being very harsh to myself, indirectly to the people who work with me. But they really love me with all hearts, without questioning me, without hesitation, they pull me up when I was down. They hold my hand when I was lost.

Then finally the trip came.

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