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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beauty10 Expo ~ yahuuu .. let's go my dear ~

lol !!!! It's back !!
source: beauty10 expo
I missed for many times .. but no more this time ... and have ajak my coursemates to go together.. a gang of auntie .. since they missed the one at PWTC last but they are not the same . This is bigger .. yet it is not the international beauty expo on last May ...

Looking forward to it ... I shall go on Sat to have a look..if i am not lazy .. because my coursemate wants to go on Sun ... or anyone else wants to go with me ?

 Last night had went to the gathering. And, talked a lots after the dismiss. I feel like I have long time did not talk to her, who is used to be my lab group mate..haha.. and she used to sit behind me every time during final exam .. hahaha ... I "got" feel ~ and finally we date to go together.. and her "friend" told us a bunches of "jokes" during the day he presented .. muahahahahh ... he re-delivered the messages very well .. We actually wanted to listen more but it was late ....


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