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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Selamat hari jadi,Malaysia kesayanganku

Merahmu bara semangat waja
Putihmu bersih budi pekerti
Kuning berdaulat payung negara
Biru perpaduan kami semua

Monday, August 30, 2010


yahuu ~ finally the paper has ended ! I was detoxified after the paper, yes, I did not know how to answer :) ... very difficult? Just read and understand then you will know how to do. Yet some are claiming not really ... ermm ....I read all, I understood, but I did not know the exact answer. But will be deserved for what I will get .

I Really like mid-sem EXAM very much gahhh !!!!

我真系好中意考试啊 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

yaHuu !! Yes, i went to shopping & Jogoya

I bought a shirt from Isetan lot 10, a double eyelid glue, finally, to try on it.. because previously i had sensitive of it, so i used to use the sticker. Visited to my BA at Isetan , grabbed few samples.... Waiting for Raya's sales ar... i wanna buy my skincares ...

all about foodscience

Just checked out all ( not all la...most.. ) photos of life science fac9 2010 from junior-junior's photo album. I feel so proud of them, the commitment from all yr1 and most y2 . Forgive me, the lame so-called senior... haha... because during my time, I did not bother at all in y2.Even during 1st yr , I also reluctant to attend,yet in the end I went, and it was worth.That's why I ugut your all to attend. LOLS! Anyone could tell me that I did not cheat you to go ? Or you feel cheated to go ? I'm sorry if you feel bad so ...

I'm looking forward for the gathering, of course, again 1st yr juniors are diwajibkan hadir,but this time is not advice from me but some people else, of course, more powerful than me lar. Yet if you think it is a stupid,time-wasting gathering ,it's ok ~ just get ready go back for raya cuti or stay in your room .. it doesn't matter. Personally I'm ok .. hehe ... because last time I did not go too XD ...Seriously, I'm not a good so-called senior ..

Please, we take photo during gathering ok ? My coursemates are chasing my butt , and im chasing the 2nd yr miss's butt ..haha .. she is irritated .. because everybody is busy with midsem , reports and ki ling ka lang stuffs ... please,show yr commitment to your coursemates .. this is what people called 团结..

p/s: everybody thought that i am so free.. haha coz i keep abusing others.. i'm just lazy to study .. it's not my hobby ..

Pls vote:Raya Open House

Suddenly feel like want to do this... I wonder

 Which lecturer's open house that U most WANNA visit ? 

a. Dr.Y
b. Dr.M
c. Prof. S
d. Dr.N
e. Dr.Wan
f. Dr.Mohd. K.A.
g. Dr. Sah
h. Dr. Mamot
i. Prof.AA
j. Abang M

weeeiii... I'm doing this seriously lar... don't you all left the comment with "j" .... but please drop yr comment ...

ehem .. personally I want to go to.......



Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's FREE sample !! Nescafe new product ~

YUP ! IT is free ~~ 
As a foodscientist , we must always TRY ~ and we always do .. hahahahah 
No worry if you are not , you are welcome to get this freeebies too :)
Nestle Nescafe is giving away 2000 samples  ~~ GRAB IT ASAP ~ it's easy 
Free coffee + Free delivery to your doorstep!

SOPOTD 2 : Porridge with fish + sick

Finally I have natural wake up today, yet I was awake at 6.  Since today is a relax day, I went out and had my kuey teow soup with prawn this morning, as soon as I finished it, I rushed into the toilet and the whole bowl came out =.=" I went to the next door clinic, and the doctor,

D. : study or working ?
Me: study ...
D: whr you study ?
Me : ukm bangi..
D: ic.... in exam ? 
Me: soon ...
D: basically it's ok .. nothing wrong.. just has lil indigestion ... rest more..dont stress

Me: stress ??  don't know wor... Last night finally I can sleep more because today dont have to go out .. how to cause indigestion ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I was fall in love with this song, even when you watched the movie <恋爱通告>/love in disguise ... It was just so touching ....

Was watching this video just now ,and suddenly there were fireworks outside of my house.... so Romantic :~~~~~~

I was wondering , who he sings for this song ? Somehow, we cannot express our feeling directly to a person, and he expressed in this way very well ..

my player has the song but I don't know sometimes why it cannot play ...

updated : I'm exhausted ! The breadmaking day ~

I just realized , that I've sleep for less than 6 hours daily since end of July ... Because today only I really see into my face, the eye bag and the dark eye circle.. omg .. my coursemates said my eyes sometimes are big and small alternatively ... It is not due to I didn't make up,it reflects how less I sleep.. :~~~~~ GIve my pretty small eyes back !

I wish to update the breadmaking day , but all photos haven't edit ... And my toxicology and food industry notes are yelling at me ~~~ goshh ... gonna sleep enough and well tonight and off for a week .. ~

I wish tomorrow I manage to bake my cupcakes ... the ingredients again are staring at me on the table... lolz .. but Friday is holiday ~ who is going to be my fans ??  hmmmm ..... Gonna postpone it until end of midsem & everything ~

The power of Abang Maaruf | Abang Maaruf FEVER

Do you know, the post has hitted the highest view in 2 days time ? lolz ... Yesterday I told my supervisor as well then he laughed ...

I wonder where are the people come from ... since only 53 of us , and not all will online and click in ... The impact is so big .... Thank you for reading ... I managed to cap this only just now ... the previous record was deleted .. I'm waiting to see how many of the "like" that the post can get ...
All ppl only click that page ... what your all want to see actually ?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mY dinner tonight ...

Was lepak at a kedai runcit at hentian kajang with my thesismate to purchase the materials to make bread tomorrow for more than an hour .. lol!!! last week after the HACCP course we lepak at the Guardian at fasa 3 for more than an hour too ~ so this is small case only because kedai runcit we can lepak that long as well ....

She intended to tell me what her company's products that are currently cheating the consumers.. lolz ~~ you never can imagine if you pay it but in fact, you are paying more and get the same.

Then we went to chiller section, she wanted to buy Yakult and I was thinking what to cook .. I was gila ayam today because I feel like want to eat fried chicken in the afternoon ... I was thinking to cook cili masak ayam too ... But when I saw the cili padi , they were not fresh .. end up , I didn't buy any vegetables ...

They said im gila ayam .. in fact, last 2 nights I ate taufu and beans , last night i ate fish and prawn already mahh .. I want to change menu .. ayam is easy to find ... others are harder lor ..

This is my dinner ... in the end, I eat fish and egg with nasi goreng paprika + cabbage .. but i lazy to capture the vege part ... ~ yum Yum ~ dinner time ~ ciaoz !

HACCP - DAy 3. The end

yeaH ~~~ we like tea time .... although the muslim friends did not eat on the spot
but they showed their enthusiasms & interests too in "tea time activity",
where they jerit2 to get ...
until the "abang" criticized them :" ur bukan puasa ke ?" .. haha
he likes to joke ..

Photo session by group with En. Nik Lukman & Abang Maaruf

HACCP - Day 2 : A terrible , blur , confused , fainting day

the only malay male coursemate , also , my thesis teammate, the member of the roti monster gang .... Mr. Mohd Akmal
omg ... my face so chubby!!!! arwwwwwwhhhhhhhh

but I like the jurucamera, this photo is awesome ~ huhu

Tea break time ~
yes , this is fasting month , yet , due to 1malaysia, we all got all foods & drinks and just eat ~ our muslim coursemates just kept it & bring it home ...
some of the menu were different every day ~ lolz ...

Presentation session

Monday, August 23, 2010

HACCP - Day 1 . Introducing Abang Maaruf, our new friend & En.Nik Lukman

20.8.2010 - 22.8.2010
Place : TESOL training center, seksyen 3 , bangi
By : Jururunding Teman
Attendants : 53 food science final year students from UKM ,
Mr.Nik Lukman & Dr. Maaruf Abd Ghani

may u RIP , the lovely Dr. ...

A few minute ago(0754), received a sms from a coursemate, with the news that Dr. Ayub Mohd Yatim has passed away after a long battle. Although we were merely spent a very short time during 3rd year, yet he was so impressed . I don't know what to say,it was so complicated. The day which we all never want it to come has came. Lastly , may u RIP , the lovely Prof. Mayda Dr. Ayub Mohd Yatim

  • Qualifications :

    1. PhD Nutritional Toxicology
    2. Masters in Nutritional Science (Minor in Food Technology and Science)
    3. B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science
    4. Diploma in Food Technology
  • Specialisation :

    Nutritional and Food Toxicology
    Food Safety (GMP, GHP, HACCP)
  • Areas of Research :

    Food and Nutritional Toxicology
    Food Product Safety
    Microbiological Food Hazard
  • Current Projects and Grants :

    1. Production of polyunsaturated fatty acid from microbe (IRPA top-down (09-02-02-001BTK/TD/001/S4)
    2. Enzymatic synthesis of reduced calorie stuructured lipids from palm kernel oil and arichidic acid rich fats (ARF). IRPA top-down (09-02-04-0004-BKT/ER/008)
  • Selected Publications :

    1. Ayub M.Y. & Sachan D.S.1992. Suppression of aflatoxin B1-induced lipid abnormalities and macromolecule-adduct formation by L-carnitine. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology 11(4): 205-210.
    2. Ayub M.Y. & Sachan D.S.1997. Dietary factors affecting aflatoxin B1 carcinogenicity. Malaysian.Journal of Nutriition 3(2): 161-179.
    3. Ayub M.Y. & Mohd Hirol,A.S.1998. Kandungan karnitina dalam formula bayi yang terdapat di pasaran tempatan. Sains Malaysiana 27: 1 – 8.
    4. Nazaruddin, R. Suriah, A.R., Osman, H., Ayub, M.Y., Mamot, S. Lim, L.S. & Ng, W.F. 2000. Caffeine and theobromine levels in chocolate courverture and coating products. Malaysian Journal of Nutrition 6: 55-63.
    5. Ayub, M.Y., Nazaruddin, R. & Sachan, D.S. 2001. Kandungan karnitina plasma dan hati dalam tikus yang diberi suplemen karnitina dan perlakuan aflatoksin B1. Sains Malaysiana 30: 135-141.
    6. Nazaruddin, R., Ayub, M.Y., Mamot, S. & Heng, C.H. 2001. HPLC deteremintation of methylxanthines and polyphenols in cocoa and chocolate products. Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences 7(2):377-386.
    7. Ayub, M.Y. & Sachan, D.S. 2001. Carnitine alters binding of aflatoxin to DNA and proteins in rat hepatocytes and cell-free systems. Journal of Nutrition (USA) 131: 1903-1908.
    8. Ayub, M.Y., Too, C.M., Mohd Rosni, S. & Nazaruddin, R. 2002. Effect of curry powder on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, Yersinia enterocolitica and Escherichia coli O157:H7 in cook-chill beef dish. Sains Malaysiana 31:179-188.
    9. Sachan, D.S., Ayub, M.Y. & Daily, J.W. 2002 Comparative effects of dietary corn oil, safflower oil and palm oil on metabolism of ethanol and carnitine in the rat. Journal of American College of Nutrition 21(3): 233-238.
(source from ewarga, ukm,bangi, 2010)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Kawan" baru kita memang cute lar..

"I sent a sms on behalf of our class to our 3 days new friend, how should i called ? kawan ? Dr. Maaruf ?  after we finished the exam and dismissed, when I was having my shopping with my seafood gang at guardian fasa 3 ...

Then, he replied me with this....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Updated: Reply from Dr.Y

lalalallaalal .... story origin from here .If you have time, just read, if you really have time, because my friends said too long ... lol ..

As I emailed Dr. on behalf of all of us, today I just got the reply from Dr.Yusof. So wanna show to your all :) .

我们的HACCP ~ 20-22.8.10

今天去上第一天的HACCP , 我老板讲他第一次教自己的学生~w00h00 ~ 我们真的太幸运了。。。
这个是我老板画的。。他有叫我修一下,不过如果我画,更丑。。所以我直接 scan他的。。。嘻嘻

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My SOP - Fried rice with salty fish cubes


Of course, the main ingredient is overnight cooked rice

i like egg ~

garlics and red onions ~ the natural flavours ever ..

salty fish cubes ... simply because my fridge has it thus i just put it in ...

vege ~ i used to put vege in the fried rice .. yes ~ it's not weird ...sometimes just lazy to cook it separately . but remember to put it in at last , cook for 1 to 2 minute only then off the fire

cooking ...

it is ready to serve~

Special dedication to Dr.Yusof - Part 4 & The end & most important point

Today my coursemate also my thesismate told me ,I feel I am so lucky from all the way to have the current supervisor. Her dialogue was same as the textbox appeared in my mind. YES! Me too. All the way, I feel i am lucky to have him. He is just as good as dr.Yusof, for young lecturers' category. They are just like our seniors.. haha .. because we always talk about non-academic related topics, especially our sv. For elderly's category, for sure, he always the top. Even food peoples i know from outside, upm, ucsi , ums.. they know his name.. I feel so proud to be your student la prof .. but sorry if i xia sui u ..You may not to recognize me if anytime ppl tell u that i am a weak food science student from ukm .. hehe .. We are all the same strain type, we like sharing. They listen. They tell. And i feel so lucky too, to have my thesismate. I'm not alone. She complains that we always bully her, especially her housemates. To make her feel better, we should tell her, we are not scolding you, we actually delivering you the message clearer by higher tones and keys. You just mis-interpreted.

Special dedication to Dr.Yusof - Part 3

Besides that, he is still dedicated to explain one to one for all of us.. how amazing is that .. can you believe a busy lecturer will do so ? Yes, only some of them . And we are so curious about his brain , his built-in human-made data analyzer .... he is clear about every design, statistic ..etc. .. yalar.. of course he studies and work for so long... but can u remember the principles you learnt in f1 ? you also study for so long already .. lolx ....
And i just realized in fact,most of us have the same 1st impression on him. WOW foodscience got young chinese man lecturer ... He jz went in for few lectures during 2nd yr ... so 1st yr we don't really know him ..

Special dedication to Dr.Yusof - Part 2

Again, back to Dr.Yusof, we had a meeting yesterday !! WOW .. so good... because regarding the issue above, my desire to tell was became true. I told that, we should have some protections from our course or ukm , or any party at least, but not none at all, for our industry training. This is because, for other colleges, private or local, they do have an attachment or letter regarding the T&C from their uni or program . To ensure, the students are given proper way of training or secure/guidelines for the company, although in the end the company does not follow , thus it might not 100% practical, yet there is black and white and we are secured .In addition,some companies just blamed our institution that we did not give them any guidance on how they manage us ... in the end ..cats fight with dogs ...

Special dedication to Dr.Yusof - Part 1

I think since last week ? last 2 weeks ? I can't recall , because we met with Dr.Y too .. since we always lepak at the office , and his room is just few steps from there .. and disturbing him regarding our proposals.

He is just taking over the post of Ketua program sains makanan from Dr. Wan Aida , from 19/06/2010 - 18/06/2013.. Initially we thought that he is just temporary replacing Dr.Wan because Dr.Wan is on saabatical leave.. And weeks later we were officially informed that the new head of program will be Dr.Yusof. Anyhow,we miss Dr.Wan aida too, because she always tell us about "flavor" .. hehe a very abstract topic but we always so interested to know .. And she is so good too in handling our problem regarding the course... the latest was, oh no, i just realized , the time i get help from her she was already handed over. Yet she still responsible to settle our problem . I think not all coursemates will know, why suddenly their subject record was back . Yes i called , i mailed dr.wan.. early of July. And back to date above, supposingly ,I should inform dr.yusof? yeah .. but we went for li , we did not know. But dr.Wan still entertained me :) see how good... Yes, of course this is her responsibilities, but she is not doing one thing only mah .. sometimes we have to considerate too..The conclusion was we don't have to pay the fine. We are planning to ask dr.wan whether this yr can we go her open house for hari raya or not .. lolz !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hi , this is my real identity in fact ... please don't spread it ... I can transform into homo sapien ; i can communicate with seafoods ; and recently I'm learning diving ...




下午又去找老大。。不过不是我们要问问题,纯粹帮美人鱼壮胆。。他真的很好咯 !!!!!!!!!!手+脚 THUMBS UP !!!!


后来又跑去老板房间。。原本要跟他讲公事,后来他又跟我闲聊。。然后我们就闲聊起来。。 哈~ 。。。在讲坏话。。。不过他真的很喜欢闲聊~上课他也出其不意的讲到打喷嚏的好处和危险性。。。



其实我们很无聊,去八卦系友做什么。。纯粹很好奇。因为他们很无奈,很没有方向。。。我们只是转移他们的注意力罢了。。。至少有难帮你当一点。。。没有很想深入了解,所以你不解释 也没关系,因为本来我们就不懂。。呵呵。。请原谅我们无聊的关心。。然后,只是想跟老师讲话。。基本上,大部分时间,当我们要请教老师,但是往往五秒钟之后,他们都会跳去其它话题。。然后我们又聊起来。。最后,我们其实在聊天而已。。嘻嘻 。。 如果你怀疑,我们不是大学生,基本上,我也不觉得,我是。。。

或者说,我是胸无大志的大学生。。。是滴,我是颓废的。。。 那个害群之马。。。

晚上和海鲜家族一起吃饭。。又闲聊起来~然后我们又计划起毕业旅行~很好,为了省钱,我们决定办一个 ~ 我们决定去matta fair 买配套,13/5-15/5 /11 .有兴趣者,请携带RM300,3/9/2010 在ptwc 见面~ 哎哟。。 我想要很多人。。差不多十几个啦。。 酱才有feel嘛。。。什么是毕业旅行?~~

然后我们又无聊到提议去问lecturers要不要 hari raya open house 要不要请我们去。。 哈哈哈 。。。 又在想要买什么伴手礼 。。。


Monday, August 16, 2010


我的proposal被鱿鱼不知哪一只脚还手偷回家了。。。 明明你自己有good了,还要mcd,doublesize up ...都给你啦。。。面包帮我做埋ok ? 他们一家最近变成海鲜馆了。有鱿鱼,螃蟹,三文鱼和美人鱼。。。。她最近患上轻微偷窃爱好症。。刚写到她她电话就来了。真是衰啊。。。proposal印了几次因为小小错又要print过。。然后她告诉我更不幸的消息,就是format又要改过。。。你真是猪。。。啊。。。。你不可以一次过讲好好你要什么的咩? 喜欢喜欢就改,还敢说人家的怎样做得不对,不好。你自己的人的你还敢秀出来。亏你大言不惭在自我ss。。。


Friday, August 13, 2010



系友说她刚从fac回来,去交计划书。我说我也是。接着她说她刚用完泡面, 我说:我也是!! 天啊。。。 似乎每个人的生活都变成一模一样。。这是什么?这是大学生活必经的阶段。


今天把功课做完,把abstract改一改,抬头看才发现已经快要三点多了。五点半又要起床了。还是头一次酱勤劳咯。。。 不懂是魂还魄不见了一个,突然转死性。。。


刚从proposal meeting回来,还请教其他的讲师,也是第一次一天内问这么多个讲师,真的很异常,请告诉我这是我吗?不过讲师,教授真的是太好了!有问必答...还是我只问这群好的讲师?哈哈哈....不过我不得不说我们真得太幸福了....我有点心虚,因为我的问题真的有够让人抓狂,好像从来没有学过那样,却是最后一年生,但是又不得不问,每次都心惊胆跳的去找老师,就算打了底会被骂,但是可以骂地温柔一点吗?所以juniors啊,如果你看到这里,请不懂就要趁早问,尽量问,小心问,毕竟不是每个人都那么幸运遇到有问必答的老师...前提是请小心提问..因为有些老师不会懂,也不要懂为什么你要问这么白痴的问题。。其实我们只想要获得提示,或是肯定。如果很好的老师,刚好他脾气不好,他骂了你,但是他又后悔,内疚,你又是学生,他骂你也是应该的,那怎么办。。。


update一下照片,星期二是我们faculty convo.超忙的一天,还好还来得及拍照。精选~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 无言,无力,赌烂。。。


p/s: 祝:毕业的朋友,恭喜~来不及拍照,祝贺的,不好意思啊。你们太忙..不好意思打扰..你看到我眼里的信息就好了...没关系你招呼不到...明年来看我好了 ..... =D


Monday, August 9, 2010


忙忙忙 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



二:seniors' convo . kom sains library course. submit proposal draft , 明天要交hardcopy,但是还没有做完。明天一定要呕出来了。
四: proposal meeting @ 9am .

五六日:打算要上haccp course.
五;proposal deadline submission


midsem ..哪一科都会中。kom sains 又要交 assignment

present proposal ....

zomok全部东西在几个小时内一起来?还有什么还没来?? 快点!

今晚AA sales ...全部行程plan到要疯掉。。烦死人。。 

p/s : 10/06/2011-13/06/2011 本人回家了~但是如果没有什么事会呆在家乡。除了旅游,吃喝玩乐和高薪散工,其他事情请别找我。

关机了。。。今天的line真得很好啊!!!!!!!! pps很快!!!!!!但是我的功课在叫我。。。。。救命啊。。。。。。。。。。。。
sotong又打给我,因为他们家上不到网,要计划今晚买机票去毕业旅行。。。最后我们五月要去bali ....我要去香港啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 如果韩国有便宜我立刻跟我系友去。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。613回来,614飞首尔

AirAsia RM1* sales is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's back


The AA sale is back!!!!!!!!!! Frankly i don't like , except it's low fare . I'll never take AA whenever MAS requires me to pay few dollars more because the AA service is simply just as low as it's fare .

Sale is from Apr 11- Aug 11 only :( !!

The 1st trip i'm definitely book for is BALIK KAMPUNG ~~ hehehe .. In fact i'm not sure will I on board at the time or not , because the time is tight .

2nd trip is HONG KONG !! HK I love U !! no why ... simply i like the people!! my buddies .. when do we have the trip ???? I need to go there .... Please be patient with me if we go to DIsneyLand!! hahahahahahahahahah

My coursemates are planning to go Hatyai , Cambodia , TW . But KL > TW don't have leh ..... BUT JUN IS HOT IN TW !!! They havin summer holiday lar weiii ... althoughh we quite resistant to the HOT climate .. but pleaseee :(

PHIEW!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited right now .................................. I wish i can grab all that I want tonight !!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Screamyx , Your "dis-streamility"

image adapted from blogger

Streamyx , our always slowest broadband with highest charges . So we always scream for the speed .

Your ever slowest counter customer service . My personal experiences from my hometown to kajang , selangor tmshop , I would never get my service less than an hour , for waiting my turn . The system seems like programmatic . Your turn will be arrived atleast more than 1 hour you've been waiting or sitting or lepak-ing , at least i experienced for more than 3 times in my life .

Your ever slowest operator technical services . Always re-guide me to do the same settings , meanwhile I'd already retry for thousand times before i called for helped and I justified is not my pc or my line's problems . PLS CAP MY SPEED FASTER EVER AND OPEN THE PORT FOR ME . Thats all you have to do for me .

I believe a lots of students , like me , who has a best companion , that is PPS / youtube / bt etc .. facing trouble to load since last week ... because tmnut has throttling the download speed .. for more pls read more from here ..

I don't realize it as I did not stay home for since last week , and i loaded my pps all the time in my uni area , i thought was due to the "good" speed of my uni , but until 2 days ago i found that my xunlei didnt move and the dl speed is damn slow , yet i did the speedtest , it could capped at around 1.4mbps .. then only i knew the this issue ..

and my pps , oh my ... it didn't load at all T_______________________________T

tmnut screamyx claimed that subscribers have "unlimited usage" , yet , where is the "unlimited" ?? or the definition for "unlimited" is different ??

I can't download a 100mb file within 20min with 1mbps speed ;
I can't load my pps
I can't even open the mp3 download websites eg. sogou
I can't view video in youtube ....

swt" .....................

I saw a lots of users have the solution , yet I'm so busy to solve..... arghhhhhhhhhh .........

I just can't understand while tmnut is facing competition with p1 yet they still providing such stupid lame services to the users , is this the way they show their power ? damn .. i hope p1 has more investment to beat screamyx down and provide better broadband service ... pls p1 .. i'm willing to switch if you can do it . we suffer for 20 yrs of this "terlancar" speed in msia and sporeans are laughing at us .. atleast the nearest ..

If not mistaken , I think I read the news from Information, Communication and Culture Ministry , saying that we want to boost the broadband in m'sia , i found it here & here ... ugh .. it is RM 10 ... so now we are facing the problem again as the budget from RM10 has not come yet RM9 has ended earlier .. and we are facing deficit ... ops ... sorry , we always in deficit ?

why we paid for getting troubles but not solution ?????????????????????? PISSED OFF !
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