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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


还有45分钟,就是2009年最后的 24小时了。今年,是我迅速成长的一年。友谊的建立,朋友之间的信任,珍惜。。 仿佛昨天才刚发生,最甜蜜的时刻,就是聚在一起,开心,难过,都有他们在身边持续加油中。人生中最艰难的日子也在这个尾声度过着。看不清的未来,迷茫,该何去何从.. 今年我变更贪心了,我需要更多的愿望。。我该学会坚强,可是每次都被打败,却没变得更茁壮 ...从没觉得如此灰心,那从来不知哪来的勇气,都消失不见了....


2010 。。。 会是怎样呢?



看到他的新宠相机拍出来的杰作,赞哦。。。。。。 不得不推荐。。但是他才刚开始。。所以要给点耐心。。。 不过照片真的很赞。。。。羡慕! 有空可以点一下 他的blog

Saturday, December 26, 2009

klCC ~ X'mas lunch

went to KLCC after x'mas eve and having lunch there ... still very crowded .. the decoration ... so so so packed .. i cannot go in ...

found this in Isetan supermarket ... my favourite 20 years ago ... omg .. i don't realize ... i grew alot ...

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's My Christmas 2009

celebrating X'mas 2009 with my dearest stmike gang @ Pavilion

After meet up ... ran to find food b'cause it was already 9 pm something

Actually we planned to have dinner at Tony Roma or T.G.I , but ended with having long queue and so we went to food court , having western foods as well ... at what you pay is what you get ...

black pepper chicken

spring chicken ... basically only the sauce is different from the above , but the price is slight expensive and without sausage .. apa ni ?

mine ... grilled chicken with sausage

dory fish ... don't know cook with what .. but for sure different from what their sample display ..

spaghetti .. overcooked ..

no people inside ...

video call-ing with ying ying

getting to 11 pm .. still not crowded ..

@ coffee bean ... waiting to countdown 11 pm ++

this 2 fen cheong ordered drinks

and they were so happy

geng jeong ...... it's going to 12 am

the gal they spotted

after coutdown ~ wuhooo ~~ meanwhile , avoiding from being sprayed .... we took a photo ... haha

finally ... got to sgwang greenbox ....

acting ... i have no idea what he trying to act

yes .. we're celebrating coutdown party 09/10
waiting to check in

the food

the ppl who hold the mic steady waiting us to serve them foods

rasuah-ing mak goh ... shut his mouth

she was going to do something ...

apple : sei mei ... ngek ngek ngek
vb : 5 hou da ngo la.. fong gong ngo kapou jie ...

end singing @ 5 am .... RM 36++ per person with free flow drinks and supper buffet ...

vb , what expression is that .. i know my camera phone is lousy .. so next year buy a new for me as x'mas gift !

the gang

me only

with the sis n bros~

@ pavilion
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