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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do you know about HALAL FOOD ?

( 12 April 2011, Bangi UKM )
" A group of food science students are collectively being "slaughtered" by the paper of  Pengurusan Pengeluaran Makanan Halal for their DNA analysis by using PCR, RT-PCR, PCR-RFLP, to prove are they ready "to be marketed". "

The paper will be sit on 14 April. This is a busy week, busy edit thesis draft, busy study, busy interview, busy outings, busy for nothing.

GOD, can YOU 




Experts said by eating omega may help memory ... okay .we really need this , perhaps ...

Inspired by a Facebooker, hence this is what's in my heart .

sing k clubbin satu kali mari,
puk gai balik makan maggi,
dr marah hari-hari,
tahun depan x jumpa prof lagi,
masa lecture suka sangat mimpi,
masa exam rasa mau mati,
habis exam terus makan mcD ,
result keluar tikam hati ! 
pandai juga aku buat puisi
tapi study macam tak berisi-isi


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