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Friday, September 3, 2010

Greenbox + Spicy Ramen = 秘笈+ debitterization time + ..... etc

sometimes .. don't know what to put in the title... sometimes .. too many to put in the ...

 powerpuff girls ~ 
at spicy ramen , serdang ...
thank you our bro .... eugyn .. hahaha 
he has no choice .. the only guy , 
must be the cameraman ..

 waiting to go to sing K

Greenbox 我来啦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
好白哦。。。。。 谁的手。。不好意思啊。。 我误会你了秀琼
free flows .. i like it .. coz i drink a lots ....

 ss 中。。。solo sendiri ...
she said she had sore-throat , but she sings better when she got sore throat .. 
dugong , i didnt bully you that day .. they bullied you .. im just利用 by them ..

i believe you understand .. who are they ... 
you know them very well.. hahah ... recall back where I sat ..
im innocent de .. >,<~~~
 group photo ~
 take drinks again ..

 lost my shooting mode ...blurr


 ~ The end ~

oh no .. just recall the story haven't update .. but too tire liao ... tomorrow only membuat karangan bertajuk  "boat", "soft skills" , "debitterization" ,"秘笈" ..........


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