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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shabu One , Lot 10

I and my friends purchased the deal from Groupon and Dealmates respectively and finally we got to redeem it on this Sat night . The reservation was quite full and our was at 8pm . Can see their business is quite good as there were some people waiting to be seated.

We got a good place, beside the glass window along the corridor .. Making reservation is important because some guests are sweating at certain tables .. lolz .. okaay it is steamboat so it is acceptable if you sweat with the hot soup.

There are a few choices of the soup bases, we ordered "Ma Lat" and herbal soup ...

The intention of this post is not only regarding the food review, but also "an incident" that happened during the night.

Before we got our seat, there was a family ( a father, a mother and a little girl , about 10 y/o + holding an ipad on her arm ) .

This mother of the little girl has purchased the similar online voucher as well, so she was redeeming before us.

So when we were queueing, this women was actually arguing that why she has to pay for their daughter , which is quite skinny ( ok just imazine a typical 10 y/o girl , without obese body size ) . This women asked the outlet manager : " Do you think she can eat that much as you want to charge her ? " - So apparently this women did not want to pay because she can justify that her daughter really cannot eat until she got "earn" back from Shabu One. [ The normal charge for children or above 140 cm height is RM 14.30 nett < alright I think this is standard rule for all restaurants that allow you eat till  FULL/ VOMIT ] .

In fact, one of the T&C of this online deal was , kindly refer below >

And the little girl is apparently more than 90cm height and guess the merchant did measured her height as well, the "height ruler" just beside their counter.

So I and my friends were =o= ... why can't this parents just pay for their kid and they enjoy the steamboat ?? Alright , then we found a reasonable excuse  for them , that is our online deal for adult is RM20 per pax, if this little girl was being charged at RM14.30 nett, this sounds not really worth it . Anyhow, before any online buyer purchase these kind of deals , ALWAYS CHECK MERCHANTS' T&C

NEVER THINK TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OR HOPE THE MERCHANT WOULD ALLOW during your redemption just because you can simply make any complain to the online dealers. Unless you meet the boss when you redeem.

Bear in mind that,1st of all, before any payment proceeds, buyers have the responsiblity to bear the risk as well. This is common mistake for 1st time buyer. They never know how many netizens are spotting these deals every seconds. So does the merchant also list the T&Cs.

As an "experienced" online deal observant, I did "learnt" some lessons ( like being cheated by the mean merchants; was given bad services; redemption/researvation never can be done ... etc" ) as well .

So this family gotten their seat finally and they paid for the little girl . But this women was scolding and cursing the outlet manager lady with rude words , like FUCK YOU ( the women just shouted at the young lady with the word of FUCK , in front of her little daughter ? At about 10y/o and know how to play ipad ? ) . And her husband just stood beside his superwife. Well , impressive as she did this in Lot 10 ( I always think Lot10 should be a slightly high class mall because the other tenants are quite branded )

Guess this mother was just so mad, and she kept cursing the lady that why can't this OM just give her lil girl FOC and it has made the women so shame and she kept saying want to let this OM lady die ? "I will you let you die " - erm....  like how ??

So after a few minutes of non-stop humiliations from the women , the OM told the women that she is also just a worker and she is human . Guess she feels insulted by the words, as she is an outlet manager and she cannot simply give any FOC for the guest who is more than 90cm in this is a Saturday dinner time ?

And the women asked her : shut up and you don't talk to me  ( ... =.=" ) And she will complain the lady manager ... and again let her die ... ( ?? )

All time only the women , the outlet manager and a guy staff were arguing. So it seems settled when this family paid and got their seat.

Then we got our seat too.

1 minute later, this mother of the little girl went out again, and then came in, and whole finally get up and guess they were leaving.

So they left, to the counter, again we saw from the glass window, they still arguing. Then I and my friend who have great curiousity, went near to the counter .

So, this time, the mother took her phone and took a video of the OM's appearance . The lady tried to push the women's phone away ( just imagine how paparazzi follow the celebrity  or some one was taking video in front of you just 30cm away from you face without knowing why  .. guess you would want to punch this person ) . And then this women shouted : you wanna steal my phone ? - ( /swt ... what ? steal ?)  ok .... again she demonstrated " steal " , the verb, in front of her daughter.

As reflex response, this OM and a guy staff were taking the video by their phone as well . Both sides did argue and defended for themselves. But how was the affair actually intiated , we did not know .

1. The OM might not serve politely to this women or she did not explain well before proceed any payment for this little girl . So the mother got mad.

1. The mother should understand there are T&Cs. Or she should bring her other kids(if any) who complied to the T&C. If I am the mother , I will never take the risk or hope to get excuse from the charge. Or she never know her daughter has grown more than 90 cm in height ?

And from our "investigation", the payment charged was actually RM 7 for the lil girl . So the mother did not want to pay RM7 because her lil girl cannot eat till deserve to pay RM7 .

( So I was thinking , let say a Chatime milk tea large with extra pearl will cost RM 6.90 already. ok .. the lil girl or I might not be able to finish that too , so Chatime should refund the balance somehow. ) It is so funny dude..

The car park fee for LOT 10 is RM 7 per entry during weekend. Basically the minimum expense to LOT 10 is already RM 7 .  So she cannot just pay RM7 more and have a good dinner there ? And later she went to make a report to security in Lot 10 until 9pm+

I would judge the incident as below:

1. If you are highly educated/high income family parents, RM 7 is small amount for you. You can be civilized and not to shame yourself just because of RM7 . This is LOT 10 .

Your daughter is holding an ipad on her arm and I believe you are using iphone, a modern family. You made the wise choice which is you get refund, and get all your money back because you dont give a damn to Shabu One service. But you missed good foods from them at cheaper price. So now you would say if they give you whole kampung FOC you also never want to return. Then why you bother the RM7 initially ??

2. If you are mid-income/ normal family , the lady who works as an outlet manager , also getting a salary about RM 2k to 3k in Shabu One, Lot 10 . And your RM7 is paid to Shabu One then only to her monthly salary, why could not you make her life easier ? She is not taking your RM7 into her own pocket. 

If you are not deserve to pay RM7 for you daughter, the lady manager also does not deserve to be humiliated by you because she has a mother too . IMHO, the words sound a bit insult and rude, nomatter how rude is the lady manager might did prior, as you are already a mother of your daugther, and that is a public area. I feel so sad to see that .. for both ..

If she is the one who is impolite at 1st as front line , you don't have to be uncivilized and make shame of yourself .

A) Just got her name and staff ID , call to their HR .
B) Followed by send a complaint to the online dealer, tell them how unhappy are you regarding the deal , and you will get something back .
( sounds expert in doing this kind of complaints XD )

Since the case is under investigation, I would like to stay neutral.

Overall, there are many typical steamboat raw mat option like

- fresh vege , mushrooms, chicken meats, taufu/brinja;/bitter gout with fresh mince chicken meat, fresh prawns, mussels, la la, clams, fresh beef slices and mince beef, etc ( as long as they are fresh I like them all . The mince chicken meats are quite juicy and easy to melt in your mouth ) . Seafoods are fresh too and they will refill quite fast ...

- types of processed surimi, fish balls , sausages etc that I never want to take

- cooked foods like fried rice, fried nuggets, chicken wings ( Highly recommend), curry chicken, nam yu braised chicken, fried popiah with mash potato

- white rice, kuew teow, noodles, mee  hoon

- instant noodles

- Sushi ( only plain sushi with some fish roe or tuna sushi ) 

- Drinks ( herbal tea , soy drink, orange juice, mango juice, blackcurrant juice, honey lemon juice, red tea , plain water ) , carlsberg is RM9.80 per bottle. They do not serve soft drinks < thumbs up .

- Desserts : ai yu bing ( highly recommend ) , grass jelly, soy pudding, longan pudding, agar-agar..
but when the time we took from the shelf , already no more refill T_______________T .......I miss the ai yu bing ... actually just normal AYB but I managed to eat 1 bowl only the no more..

-Ice cream

-I saw many reviews saying that there is Shabu One sauce which is very special but I did not see there. But at the seasonings and sauces station , there are many things you can get, just like your mother's kitchen , from salt to sauce .

So I am now full until vomit .. guess I already deserved for what I paid . I have to start diet from today because I can't fit my working shirts again :~ !

Friday, May 25, 2012


今天是我工作以来塞车塞最久的一次....  塞到我不懂为什么我要塞在这些无谓的车龙里.. 塞到我崩溃...

今天的新闻都好负面..母亲虐女.. 名医儿子为情自杀 ... 等等 ... 是社会的问题,还是人类的丑陋 ....

down ...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chill Sunday ~

I can't wait for the arrival of this week ^^ the pay day week =D ! Have been 99% surviving toughly in this week ... So I am blogging in this cool sunday at home ...

1st time gathered in 2012 with another dear coursemate of mine last night in Puchong . The last gathering with another girl was last 2 weeks in SgWang . We have to gather separately or 1 to 1 nowadays and this makes us missing the others who absent at time .. sob sob ..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes, I'm just so proud of ex-UKM food science-rs

It is about 1 year since I left UKM, I merely remember we had viva during this week in May 2011.

Unbelievable, I survived from 4 years study , all the sense & non-sense exams , thesis and viva .

When we get out from university, this society is realistic . The industry people are mean , of course there are kind population .

I sat at home did nothing for 3 months plus before I got my current job . Be frank, none of my coursemates doing the same like me , and of course many of them don't know what am I doing ... lolz ..

Saturday, May 5, 2012


这些年我们仍然不喜欢考试 :) ....

看着学妹/弟们上传其中考后的照片, 让我怀念那个考场的地方- bestari ... 想当年,那个地方叫 dewan bestari , 如今已变成 dtams .

考试前,总在cafe那里狂看笔记.... 其实脑袋已经在计划着考完后要去那里庆祝一番 ......

今天我花了很多钱 ... 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hi May !

I am spending lesser and lesser on my blog , as my working time & sleeping time have 80% occupied me ! I work from 9am to 6pm + , Monday to Friday , another half of a weekend would spend on my weekly report .

My last post was on 20 April 2012. My last outing with friends was 27 April, where I went pasar malam with a friend of mine at Leisure Mall, explored his room, his new dog and be the "photoshooting crew" in midnight . My last shopping day was ...... before CNY 2012.  GOSH !!!!!!!!!!

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