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Friday, April 29, 2011

pl♥yd♥y + Sotong's pre-bigD♥y

 5 pm 
Look out point , Ampang

yeaah ... this day was very busy day . Back from the ♥ event at 4pm , and head to this event at 5pm.
i feel i am professional freelance PR ...  entertained many things in a day

look out point .. reached before 7pm =D

i did not realize they were there .. haha 
seafood family member

i didn't realize we wear about the same
 so match 

so viva ♥

Actually I did not know what "viva" means previously... even how to pronounce

some read " Weeee VA "

some read " Y va " ......

for me , viva means long live ..... or something energetic .... 

but this " viva " coming, means you gotta present your work orally in a room with 3 examiners 

your lecturer ♥
your lecturer ♥&
your lecturer ♥

The schedule was changed ( law of attraction ) , where I have to present 2 days earlier ♥

And then, I am done with everything as an undergraduate ♥

Thursday, April 28, 2011

我最親愛的 ♥

看来张惠妹在我的大学生活圈子占有一席之地. 她的k 歌都成了我们的主题曲..每一个时间 .. 哪段时间, 哪首歌都让我们不约而同地回想 ,当时年少轻狂的我们, 干了什么好事...


借花献佛... 其实我只是无意间听到一句 < 我 最 亲 爱 的 你 过 的 怎 么 样 >...

我的灵感就来了 .........

前晚还唱着听海,掉了 .........

p/s: 不要太想我吖

♥ 排第几位?













的人,要好好珍惜。不 ♥ 的人,也不要勉强自己去刻意的微笑 

我们,可以为 ♥ 朋友做一些改变,只是,不要改到面目全非就好  

my 1st Give Away

Jeng jEng ~~~~~~~~~~

i'm going to give away the stuffs which are my favourites / freebies / things that you want ... it can be face masks, eye masks, toners, makeup bies ...etc ....or .. you can have my food science notes if i manage to dig them out.. ha3

left to right :
Laneige towels, laneige mascara , Nu teen , Nature & co., Bioessence BB cream, masks, hada labo moisturizing lotion , watson's green tea facial masks (6x)

 on the right top :set of facial from cleansing milk to masks from Le Masque


all you need to do is :

TOday very busy + killing

clearing my hard disk... those lecture notes, those photos , those MS files .................. which randomly distributed , on desktop, folder etc ................... full of rubbish .....

why ?

because I don't need them anymore ~~ muahahahah !!!

i am a F R E E person now . 

not a student,

not working too

in a long term holiday 

hahaha ...

useless ? 

not really ... the life is just began =D

screen and edit all the photos .................................. still editing ... back-pain sitting ...

every photo taken ... i try to recall the story , not to miss any single out =) 

that's the last memory ...

This day, just arrived too soon and it passed too fast. 

We played from 5 PM to 5 AM ....

We have not sitting down and recall back to our 1st year, our 1st meet, our 1st ..... etc ....

the next day, everyone is already back to the place where they origin, 4 years ago ...

time to sleep .... byez !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

pre-bday celebration + last lunch ♥ current-suPervisor ! heeee

12.00 pm
Food science department, FST , 
UKM bangi 

What a busy day .. lolz ........ It was the last exam in 4 years of study , all of us wished it ended rapidly yet we reluctant to leave. After the exam, in fact , I was rush . 1st, we gotta take the last complete  pictures of us ... check HERE ..

In fact, I have more important mission to do, as i'd planned this since last week .. hahaha ..
 refer this post

Was actually a bit late heading to take the birthday cake as scheduled due to reluctant to leave from the photo-shooting .. lols ........ 

on the way, called to my  sv to remind him "my appointment" as when i passed by fac and his car was not there . As usual, fooled by him ...

I: dr where are you ? why u not in ? why ur car is not there ???
he: i just go out .. 
I: when you come back ? 
( I emailed to remind him this early morning somemore so that he didnt go out at the time )
he : 4 pm .. 
I :   WHAT ??!!!  
 ( AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I screamed through the phone at this end )
no way !!!

and he laughed at the other end =.="  
( we can wait till 4pm but the cake cannot .. it really scared me !!! )

he  : i am on the way going back la ( he used to behave this way .. bully students  )  

always fooled by him ... urgghh .... no chance to revenge at all .. so irritating !!

back at 11.30am but waited for the rest to gather ... i dated dr at 11.30am but then was late .. To prohibit dr run away , i went to "entertain" to delay some time ... in fact I worried he knew it ( from our ♥ co-sv ) or my weird behaviour .. heee

saja-saja ask him to go lunch ( not intend at all.. but no other topics.. ) but he proposed to go Marriot hotel  ( waaaaa .......... LET'S GO !) , but then he regret , he doesn't want to spend, even only i and my co-sv ..  

good thing is that i found that he really don't know "the plan" ... hahahahahhaha ...... because he can't wait to go lunch , it was only 11.45am but he said jom .... then i was nervous : DR ! wait la... 12PM baru depart !! 12 PM sharp ( our cake at outside laa ... )

 chocolate mousse cake 

nice words or not ? hahaha my copyright! 
it is pre-celebration of his birthday, 
< 1 month advance.. hahaha ... 
he was born in some day in May
( huaaaaa .... I just realized i am indirectly 
revealed his age !!!  XD )

BBQ ♥ 鹅中意~

 that person absent in the end ..

 they ate 'her' because she absent

Officially LAST exam & Dr memang comel la !

Dewan gemilang,
bangi UKM

Last paper for bakal-bakal Nutritionists~ by died from the paper of FOOD QUALITY, safety and legislation ... Yeah long as foods have quality , it doesn't matter if the food scientists died >< ..

KILLING paper ..... the lecturers are killer... ( show you one of the killer's appearance below ) lolsss ....................

how killing is that ? okla .. since it was the last exam paper in my life, I "exposed" the questions for the next generations , as more as I still managed to recall .. haaha

Part A (60m) : QA/QC ( read from the our notes ) , mostly ..
GMP element 1 - what's the sub-element ..
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
  Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Part B ( 50 m) : food legislation
answer 2 questions only.
1. what is the features
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D

Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
 Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D
Leave your comment and Follow me publicly if you wish to know the full version =D

2.   More

 I love YOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This is the last time, we sat in the exam hall, this exam hall .
May re-visit, but not with all of your anymore =) 

Cheers ♥ Cherish 
 sometimes we called him evil / killer ..
 but always "comel" ..
because he is "cute ".. hehe

Monday, April 25, 2011

clips and tips

I was wondering why do I just capture the lecture slide but not recording the lectures ? I think it maybe a good way for students to do revision . I am loading almost whole day PPS today for the korean drama " Can you listen my heart " and the story is just so touching and i cannot forget Dong Ju's face ...

And it inspired me if i did record what the lecturers talked in the lecture and now i just keep replay the clips , it eases me to remember ...

no motivation to study at all .. maybe just like what my sv said, stay relax before the exam day .. lolx ........

i am relax now ~ can't wait the paper to be finished ..  good night !

No good monday

tomorrow is going to sit for last undergraduate exam , which is a great pre-graduation "gift" granted by the lecturers , FOOD QUALITY + FOOD LEGISLATION !

no idea what kind of question will come out.

Took a nap in the afternoon, in the dream, i awake , and it is the next day evening, i was missed to join the planned activities....

When i wake up in real, it is still Monday .

and then I can't sign in facebook anymore until now .. wth ....

interestingly, my phone using the same modem wifi can sign , but only my pc, regardless google chrome, ie or mozilla, cannot reach facebook at all ..............

dead .



























Sunday, April 24, 2011

pregraduation, maybe a way to gain weight

Before graduate, what do the students usually do ?

strike best for final exam ? 

well , i am .. but since it is the last paper, the passion lost. Last week I mentioned that I dreamed the subject coordinator gave me the tips but last night the dream has slightly different. The lecturer became my supervisor .. hhahha (This is my personal desire) and I am more confident to get from my supervisor if he is the one who is teaching FOOD LAW !

PARRTY HARD !!!!~~~~~~~ 

too many "last lunch, last hi-tea, last dinner, last supper" with different people since last week... 


somehow sometimes i'm the only one who is going to graduate.. haha ... and my weight keep rising @@"
the most recent, pizza hut, domino and last night was bbq ... i am so full ..i can feel my stomach annoyyed .. it keeps gili gulu ......... too many foods and beverages .. 

Next week, I can't imagine ... full of parties ... Can I eat all but not gain weight =D ?

p/s: tonight "hyperglycemia" lor ... beh tahan

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nutritionists VS p|zzA

Unbeatable !

After the paper of "Diet Therapy" (21/4/2011),

a group of future nutritionist went to 
"high calorie, high fat, high sugar, high salt" lunch

@pizza hut, Warta Bangi.

Coincidentally, I wish to visit as their promotion is around.

Friday, April 22, 2011

i am sorry Dr. ...

today i still very down ... last night i wish when i wake up , my camera will be okay .. but it did not T__________T

my supervisor did not want to entertain me yesterday ... maybe he thought I want to "bully" him again and he ignored my text ..... ( he does not want to "gotcha" by me dy ) ....... but then i sent him another "urgent" mail before he home last 9  ...... & this early early morning .... he replied with "words" .......... hahahha ........... i am seriously to make "an appointment" ... but he did not entertain me .............. so sad ..............

p/s: I never bully my supervisor .. he is my dearest and most respect lecturer & we love him to the max all the time  (my dearest-dearest siblings , your should know am I if you read this ... right ???  muahahha ) 


今天我的心情很无奈...... 无法形容....  现在更是彻底地 .............. T__________T

因为我相机的开关钮坏了.............................................................  为什么.................... 我学长还在称赞它的功能时 .............. 它就毁掉 ............................. 告诉我为什么 !!!!!!!!!


倒数第二张的考试终于渡过了... 虽说"终于" ........ 还是充满着不舍.不是不舍考试 ! 是不舍,不能一起进考场,不能一起控诉讲师为什么考题这么难...不能大家坐在前后左右,一起讨论答案  ...等等.


没有动力发今天的午餐,我想这是一个,四年里唯几次的聚会吧... 有点心酸的说..................

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You are infected! Never say never know JUStin BieBER !

Tonight is Justin bieber's concert in Malaysia .. and guess what ? I am neutral to Bieber. But I've been "stuffed" by his songs since last 2 weeks as the radio, the shops etc are highly promoting him ....

And today is the max. I was even confused when I was listening to the chinese song from the radio, my brain analysed that was Bieber's song .... omg ...... When I tuned to hitzfm ( definitely you can listen his songs) , or mixfm, redfm , just to away from his song.. I failed. Nomatter where I tuned, his songs was being broadcasted =.=" 

Severely infected by Bieber's fever ..

baby baby baby ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

By now, you should Never say never know Justin Bieber .... 

Because he makes us sick ...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Read the main points !

as we used to do presentation slides, a good slide is to put main point only and explain to your audiences. Not too crowd with the words, clear and straight forward.

Simplify everything and make it short, like the lecture notes. Some lecturers can talk about 30-45 minutes , 
just for 1-2 slides. and these 1-2 slides maybe only contains 5-10 points or less than 50 words. 

 Here , you can see, when the whole page was being highlight, it means it is a note, but it can be a book too . 

Actually they are all from the book, but we make it into slides. A psychological strategy so that students READ ! 

main points? All are main points , so there is main pointless .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Study is a health hazard

I believe every student has no doubt to agree the statement.

Disclaimers :
Some or all of this answer was written collaboratively by netizens to the blog.
For reliable information of any sort, you must consult an officially qualified professional in your local area.  Please read at your own risk.

Nowadays, the more and the accurate you can memorize the notes, re-write it in the answer sheet during exam, it does not guarantee you may score excellent but it gives you higher probability to score better, atleast you return what your teacher/lecturer give you although some of them claimed : I do not ask you to re-write all the points to me but you need to explain as well. Okay, we named that as "extra infomation" required to score higher and better. Anyhow mark will not be deducted because they have the "marking scheme".

Monday, April 18, 2011


Well ... i am actually scheduling the posts from my Sabah Trip in 2009 . Yes, it is 2009 . Lolz .... I found that before Jun 2009 I have no entry post for that.

Yeah , previously I was in live space, the one you can read now are all I imported from there but mostly craps ... so .. just ignored.

When I edit the photos, of course, very annoying, because a lot ... I dont even bother to edit the effects etc.. just put on the Copyright in the Original photos ( ok.. all photos were not taken by me .. maybe some ? but the nice one definitely not me, but one of the friend, I called him D.N.'s photos) , yet it is time-consuming enough ( hey .. i am now in my final exam wei ..... my last final exam in life... perhaps =p )

But, memories and photos are eternal. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Long time no see, Mr. G !

to make it low profile , the photos will be here =) 

haha ... it was almost 1 year , more or less , we did not meet with this person. Maybe some of us ... 

We went for a dinner .. 

A letter for my course mates

Dear course mates, 

Time flies, four years of colourful university life have silently come into the end.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

too much regrets in life

I don't know what to  blog about. Perhaps too little things happened recently, or I was too busy because too many things happened. I found that, I lost the inspiration, what to blog? Life is dull ?  It does not seem that i do not have my life, but it was a little bit ... down.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stressful Devil Cake

What's barbiewaiyee doing lately ?

nothing except sleep until sun set xp
Today I baked ,

which means 

i am stressed.
for illustration purpose only

here is the recipe =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do you know about HALAL FOOD ?

( 12 April 2011, Bangi UKM )
" A group of food science students are collectively being "slaughtered" by the paper of  Pengurusan Pengeluaran Makanan Halal for their DNA analysis by using PCR, RT-PCR, PCR-RFLP, to prove are they ready "to be marketed". "

The paper will be sit on 14 April. This is a busy week, busy edit thesis draft, busy study, busy interview, busy outings, busy for nothing.

GOD, can YOU 




Experts said by eating omega may help memory ... okay .we really need this , perhaps ...

Inspired by a Facebooker, hence this is what's in my heart .

sing k clubbin satu kali mari,
puk gai balik makan maggi,
dr marah hari-hari,
tahun depan x jumpa prof lagi,
masa lecture suka sangat mimpi,
masa exam rasa mau mati,
habis exam terus makan mcD ,
result keluar tikam hati ! 
pandai juga aku buat puisi
tapi study macam tak berisi-isi

Friday, April 8, 2011

Career Expo UPM 2011 !!

Let's GO on 14 Apr after the paper =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chores !

I've done my house chores, for 2 hours and 30 minutes, only vacuum, mopping and some wiping ...

no .. it doesn't reflect my room is dirty like ....

my neighbor downstairs has been renovate for weeks.. omg  ...

every morning 8am they started to drill here and there : ( 

I washed all blankets, bedsheets etc since there is a big sun ..

hopefully the dust don't stick on them ...

& i started REMOVE the dusts !

I went to Perfect living fair last week & bought this thing .. i know it sounds like auntie who used to do house works at home ... ok .. your mum or you current gf or your future wife have to do too , unless you hire a maid for her ..

you may find this in ACE, watson etc ( i am not sure also .. haha )

Then i visited a booth which selling robot vacuum .It costs more than RM 1 k .. a normal vacuum cleaner brand Pxnasonic only costs you RM 170 and above ok .. you can buy as many vacuum cleaners as you like.

i think my groupmates would familiar with this.. as we used that as part of our past presentation .. hahaha

hold on !!! This cause OBESITY okay ?! So, just forget about it.. haha 

I don't really believe in this thing, it is convenient but has some limitation too.

It only works within certain distance. If you have bungalow or semi-D, buy more.

Otherwise, just clean as conventional way 

1st you have to know, you need to wipe the dust away .... in the tiny space... dead spaces ... from top to bottom

2nd, you may start vacuum .

3rd, you if necessary.

4th, now you mop with detergent. Followed by wipe if mopping is not accessible.
5th, inspect any dirt, hairs, dust etc ..

6th, Sanitize it and let air dry .... 

7th, spray some air freshener ..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


yesterday was down to the max and today slightly "up" .... 

due to some "advices" ...

this early morning ...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The theories of L.i.F.E.

i keep finding out why do I feel discalm today ... i was diagnosed that i am actually too stresss.. BP > 120/80mmHg ... heartbeats > 90 times/s ..

 So, what is the cause ?

Draft is going to be editted and printing out ;

3 more final papers to go ; 

viva ; 

ready to work etc ..

So, what is the problem  ??? 

i only sob ... that's the only thing i know ..

hot & i hydrated it !

the weather since last week is so so so HOT !! can't even sleep well during night time and nightmares keep appear ....

feel so uncalm for whole morning  ................ after collected the drafts from fac .. back to home .... it was realized.

His book is hot and thirsty as well ... it "drank" some water ... accidentally .............. omg ....... apologize to the owner asap !

can't even focus what to do ...

emo emo emo 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hmm .. G00d Saturday outing

Finally, the study break came and this would be the last study break =(.

Early morning , went to KL to have great breakfast @ Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie  , which is a French-style bakery.. Yet, what do they attract me is not the breads, but the cakes.. omg omg ....

However, it is a breakfast time, sure i go for their breads and coffee =) ~

( in fact , the cakes are really irresistible .

Friday, April 1, 2011

[R][e][S][t] m.o.d.e.

handed in the final draft... i need deep sleep tonight .. an exhausted day , April fool day .

OPssSsssssssssssss !

I said, april fool ??

It means,

t.e.n.s.i.o.n. [m][o][d][e]

arrrggghhhhhhhhhhh .......................................

 i am tension in editting the draft..... everything mess up after i changed a little settings & i got latest amendment after i printed them out ... the worst part is i printed a set of it, another set will be printed, yet they will be in different version .... oh no .......................

no idea what to do ...

i wish i get it done asap and i need my beauty sleep ...
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