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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December is here

60 minutes to December 2011  ... oh no !

Tomorrow is another busy busy day .... =p .. but is not a busy working day ... I am OFF ! yeah ..

many sales start tomorrow ... awwhhh ...

night time has to go KL .. I guess tomorrow is really a very very good day .... road closure at jln bukit bintang .. =,=".... Due to relaunch of Starhill gallery ... refer this .. don't know lucky or unlucky .. why the organizers make trouble to their customers ..... block the whole road .... from JW marriot to Lot 10 ... alright .. they are the road owner. ciaoZ ..

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's back

my company laptop was back today .. finally .. Today totally a blank day for me .... A lots of works to be "cleaned" up by tomorrow ~ huhuhu ......  Today ... seems did a lots of things yet .. feel uncontented .. =.+.....

The laptop's problem ended up with HDD spoil, not infected by virus ... phiewS !

4 months of HDD spoiled ~ nice .. another new HDD replaced.  It's time to do budget for iPad or macbook .. XD !

Went shopping yesterday .. deng deng .. bought 2 shoess ~~ and some shirts .. super duper many people ... especially padini concept store Pavilion ... met 3 friends as well ... The malls already decorated for the coming soon - Xmas ~~ NICE ! Looking forward X'mas this year .. I hope .. not another sing K only x'mas ..

awwhh ... I saw somebody wrote : what I want for Xmas is a SAmsung Galaxy S !

goshhhhhhhhh ........... what I want for my xMas is ............ tonnes of wishlists.....

Seriously need sales SALE SALESSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! to realize the wishlistsss .............

The first will go to : iPhone 4S !

Back to real, sleep now and tomorrow gonna make more calls .

Sunday, November 27, 2011

my disaster week ...


super bad luck week ...

speechless ....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back from "businesS" trip & back to uni !

LAst week was my southern business trip, hopefully businesseesSsSss come shortly ..

Rush trip, did not visit to tourist spots or bought something special ...

WEnt to Melaka and Johor .. Stayed at The Zon hotel JB , facing Spore for 2 days .. It was so near to reach ..

November is going to end ... OMG ! my target ... .sigh .... ! I need work FAST ! RAPID !

Today was bad day ... hmmm ......... Yet, met people who have been long time no see~ awhh ... Miss old school time .. Met lab officers , met beloved kakak , coursemate MF, senior KL & jelin... all labs are so peace ..... Tried to visit the rest of the lecturers but none in .. dr comel ...

but Akong surprisingly texted just now for the coming birthday's dinner .. lolz !

This week again is busy week ... hopefully it worths ..... bo pi bo pi ........

Sunday, November 13, 2011


懊..... 才发现上个星期五的世纪光棍节有很多很多很多我的小学,中学同学都结婚了..............


执子之手,与子偕老 ....真的不容易...  祝大家新婚愉快 =D !

 明天要出差一个礼拜 ... 囧

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Summary of the week

phiewszZz !!!!

It is a very exhausted week yet another more exhausting week is coming T_T !!!

I can't recall what my last post about.. I can't even recall the people who I sang with at all last night .. lolz  XD !!!

11.11.11 was a very special day , as all posts on my wall were about it , frankly I feel nothing until I got a few so called "single" date's partiess meanwhile I found that a good ji mui finally found the one who stays forever with her .. I'm so touched ....

It was not a good day due to all  dates were last minute cancelled, even dinner with friend and another coursemate also had to be postponed due to the preparation of next week south trip ... sigh .. !  The 1st time I worked so late and the 2nd last leaving ... I doubt was that me ...... unbelievable that I am so passion to my job ..? perhaps the 1st and also the last time I would did.... lolsss

Woke up at 6.30am yesterday and back from sing K session at 5 in the morning today ... "overloaded" ... I shouldn't underestimate my body capability :X ...

Today whole day feel my legs energyless ... The last thing my boss remind me before finish work at friday night was " don't play to hard during this weekend " ..

I think it is not applicable on me =P ... heeehee

An old friend dropped me a call from Aus for hours ... Distance is far but the feeling is still as close as during school time . The only difference is we grew a lot and we have never been drink together for a long time ...  Time flies ... I always thought he will be the first who get marry in our gang , but reality does not seem that predictable... Just like my girl friend , finally she found her destiny ..

Marriage , is really need courage , patience and tolerance.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

seriously need FUNDS !

I am so so so desperated .......... I need money money money badly .... !!!!

You don't have to donate to me or borrow cash to me, just buy some products from me , at "jumping" price ! You pay what you get okiee ...  check Beauty food for sale at you right there ----- >>>>>>

Thanks a billion ~


当别人不能理解你的问题, 不是别人的问题,是自身的问题,因为我们把问题给复杂化了....


今天非常极致倒霉... 倒霉到不能用千言万语来形容 ..... 衰 =.=!

Friday, November 4, 2011


原来当事情进行的一点也不顺利时,是可以如此沮丧 ...


又到了大学的短假...好怀念...看见学弟学妹又不知怎么地又迈前一小步, 回想当时的自己, 那份担惊,冲动,兴奋,紧张到麻木,然后不知不觉... 一切又结束了 ...
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