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Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Raya Day - Sending Biskut Raya to lovely Dr.

huhuhu ~ yesterday we gave a raya biscuit to our supervisor , from the whole gang of roti makers ... and thanks to our groupmate ShyanYea who bought the biscuit sedap ...hehe... but she didn't go with us to give our supervisor .. because that time our sv was one of the examiner ~ nvm la syea ... i showed you how satisfy he is when he received .. hahahahaha .. We tak sempat captured his 1st reaction .. haha so cutee .. but this one also ok lar

We explored his room again ... since last day I said his room got motorbikes and sport cars models only .. there is it ... 

p/s: very soon .. you can see our faces on his table .... hehe ..please don't pura2 spoil our photos ..


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