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Sunday, September 5, 2010

simply worried

I hope my supervisor does not on leave yet before Wednesday !! wish he reply my mail asap tomorrow before I go out .. why ukm server down ... arghhh ....... praying hardly .......
will be having the gathering with foodscience kaki .. I hope I do not lazy at last minute and ffg .. lolz ...I have decided to go for hair dye tomorrow .. after that going to the gathering . In fact, I am aimless to go, simply I want to take photo with my coursemates before all balik kampung .. muahahhaha ... also .. to update ma blog .. with the "family"photo (if and only if I attend) .. the "sei yeh" in the boat .. hahahaha and to listen the bitters from people who present in the morning ...

Just chatting with a junior and I kutuk him badly ..lolz .. I'm evil okay ? yes I am ..and, I never said I am angel or good pun .... I know I have a kind face .. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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