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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes, I'm just so proud of ex-UKM food science-rs

It is about 1 year since I left UKM, I merely remember we had viva during this week in May 2011.

Unbelievable, I survived from 4 years study , all the sense & non-sense exams , thesis and viva .

When we get out from university, this society is realistic . The industry people are mean , of course there are kind population .

I sat at home did nothing for 3 months plus before I got my current job . Be frank, none of my coursemates doing the same like me , and of course many of them don't know what am I doing ... lolz ..

I am working in an upstream company, it is a trading company . So what do we trade ? We trade ingredients, more specifically, functional ingredients. More general, every single ingredient in a Food which specifically and clinically proven would deliver health benefit upon administration .. this sounds like familiar .. yeah ... probiotic or prebiotic .. sort of .. and many more .. So basically I am now carrying more than 30 different products and everyday I have to meet atleast 2 customers ranging from food industry to nutraceutical companies etc .

My coverage can be from bakery/dairy/beverage/confectionery industry, like .. Gxxdenia ... to pharmaceutical companies .. like Bxo-lxfe etc .. to SLM/MLM companies like .. "customer protection - undisclosable" .. to beauty/slimming chain centres .. like ... " customer protection " to .... GMP factories .. etc ....

I also do some of the regulatory works like register product with BPFK, food classification submission, product info, papers for application for nutrient function claims ( which are those function claims that appear in Food Act and keep update from time to time . ) I still remember one of the nutrition lecturers did mentioned during lecture that " there are industry people keep submitting all these applications and we do a lot of works to approve and review these claims , and finally gazet them" . Lol ...yeah.. to get the claim approve isn't easy job, of course there is way to make it easy, I believe.

Of course, some of my coursemates' companies might be my potential customers, especially those MNCs. And of course, I met a lot of our seniors as well , wherever I go , there must be 1 or 2 UKM food science seniors =) . And they are doing well in the industry .

Of course, there are some seniors or my coursemates are no longer in food industry . And they happy and do well in what they doing too.

Slightly deviated from what I wanted to blog indeed.So I met up with coursemates last week and we did a very short and sharp gathering. And we talked about our job , working environment, work loads, job scope, and people.

So we know that people graduated from different institutes would carry different attitude in work place. And they also have similar academic path background, which means if you graduated from uni X , and you are 1st class student, you really deserved it because everybody knows that is not easy job ... how true is it , I have no idea .

The same applies to uni Y , and if you graduated from there , people will perceive you are manual-operated. Push one step, move one step.

So, what about UKM ? From my observation , most students from tip top local uni ( ok .. UKM might no 2 or 3 in the ranking ) or no 4/5/6 etc local uni , would always like to say 1st class is so hard to obtain. Yes, it it indeed. Alright , I am not 1st class 1st of all .

So how to get 1st class? Yes, you gonna get atleast all A or A- every semester until u grad. Hell .. ok .. this was already not possible for me .. since 1st sem I have a C with me .. lolz ........

But then, the life is getting better from year to year and I and my coursemate were thinking that 1st class is actually not too hard to get. So UKM food science students are just so lucky. Our life is not too harsh like the others.

1st, they have communication with their lecturers/mentor/supervisor.
And we ? Oh ... our prof is just too lovely .. haha .. Also, our lecturers are so dedicated and willing to teach as well. Like who ? Definitely the current ketua program would one of them .

2nd, exam is killing hard.
Of course, our exam can be exactly non-related with our syllabus or ever appear in our lecture notes. LOLX ! but definitely, as you as attend lectures, you can do it, at least you may recall what had been taught, but you just cant recall what exactly the hell it is.

3rd, lecturers and seniors are just too kind.
We are just like a family. We always adore those movie that lecturers and students could go lunch or hand out together in abroad, but in Malaysia , due to religion, we do have to behave . Yet I feel lucky that I have a group of team mates and lecturers who are so friendly .

We cannot stop laughing when we think of "before and during exam" time . Exam can be really easy if you are smart enough =) . But you always realize too late .. haha ... but in workplace, it always applicable ^^.

Guess I need to edit the post after this because I feel drowsy now ..


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