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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i liKe breAKfast !!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~

a group of food scientists rushed to have breakfast after the lecture of "therapy diet" ..  hehehe ... due to this , the  McDonald's FREE 2 Big Breakfast ~ at bangi McD

so many people queue up !

they were almost done as they reached most early
yeah ~  finally they came... was being served so so late .... too crowded 

until we were late to lecture and teased by "the lecturer" who did it purposely

another group

min RM 2.50 / per person .. 
enjoyed the scramble eggs, sausage patty , burger bun , hash brown and free flow coffee or tea 

after lecture, discussion with groupmates 

"evidence" of rAjin and Focus to show to my boss ..

Have a great day today ... don't know why ... hahahhahahah .........................


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