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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New bie, SexyLook草莓粉刺净空组 - blackheads I hate YOUR !


 'm going to share one of the products ( in fact is not new product , but is hot now in TW and I have no time to update my blog ), brought back by my sis who just returned from a TW trip.

 there are 3 items in the set
 1 sebum softener
 2 the black heads remover mask
 3 the toner

 it's in pink colour & strawberry smell ~~
 in the progress ~ wait for 20~30 min
 bye bye the black acne & blackheads
 extra part : shirts , bags and .. the book

I would rate this product 4/5, basically you gotta use all 3 items together to see the result, as the softener works to help reduce the tension of your membranes then only the mask could remove and absorb the excess sebum .. smell definite 10/10 ~ sweet sweet .... I don't know how much is this, but is quite cheap ..

p/s : goin' to wake up early to do lab later ...  *yawn*


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