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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it is MARCH 2011

oh no.. without realizing... today is already 2nd day of March 2011... how can ?!!!

had gone through up and down from last Friday till yesterday .. life is full of challenges and time just passed like this ... it seems so long and so hard to pass since last Friday .. but now i feel it passed too fast ..

And I learnt a lesson, sometimes we just do not have enough time to appreciate someone when an unpredictable affair has occurred in sudden .

Fortunately, I do appreciate from time to time, as much as I can. No guilty but somehow I wish to do more.

less than 2 months i will officially get out from UKM. sigh ... started feeling unwilling to be kicked out... Life was tough for the past 3 years  .. of course the future might be tougher too .. but thanks god, i've the great moment in the final year .. the friends, the lecturers, the seniors, the juniors etc ...full of gratitutions, appreciations, and sadness ...

Suddenly so sentimental in this midnight .. i thought
i'd updated the "decision" on yesterday morning but i also thought that everyone got the news .. yet i found that my friends did not understand what I "said" & somemore they did not know .. omg .. i feel i have serious message delivery problem.. just like what my supervisor critisized me :( .. i will work harder ok .. & i just realized i was authorized as the messenger.

Maybe the incident was not as serious as we thought, maybe it was just the mean thing he was trying to do to test how far do we wanted him to stay ... yeah ..i mean "mean" .. haha ... how ? i do not know should i happy that he remembers so well what i told in the old mails, or sad that i did such silly things until he uses it to tease everytime . He said something what I told him before in those mails .. any contents .. wei ! .. plagarism ... always copy my statements and slangs .. he emphasized " it's not end of the world ...... maaa ... " with his cunning smile  ...=.=" ... when he mentioned this, i screamed .. in my heart ..  cannot tahan with such lecturer...  it's end of the world ... end of my world .... and if it is, it would be the 2nd time ... & I DON'T WANT !

the meeting tortured me ... we spent more than an hour to talk about everybody's progress as we have no meeting since 2 months ago ...but i just met him a day before what ... somemore a day before it happened, everything looked good and normal ... without any indication .. the next early morning the heart attack news reached ..  ughh ... i had nothing to update for the progress in the meeting ... i just want to know what was happening for the whole morning sms chatting ...  but he was trying to "seduce my appetite" ..

But now.. everything has back to normal ~ hahaha ... but it really worried me and my groupmates... a lot of silly things and plans we did to compete with time .. in case he leaves "asap" . but in the end.... we do not need to do anything ...

A coursemate of mine asked : wow .. that's good news .. so did you do anything to thank for his staying ???

I: .......

I did nothing .. muahahaha .... yet I texted him that you made me wasted my tears last week !
Again .. my "strength" returned .. hehee ..... but i think he must be laughing ...  >________<

we had a lecture with him yesterday ... well ... i was late to class.. some people who did not know the updated news .. thought that i was too sad to go to the class.. hahaha ! i shall tell him .. i was late because i still sad... XD ... A groupmate of mine asked what is the decision and after i told her, she was so excited ..haha .. kind of excitement ... sometimes.. i just can't understand his eye contact during the class... his lecture is already very confusing .. with that kind of eye signal message ... i am totally blurred after the class... but i really want to score that paper aa!


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