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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Really like mid-sem EXAM very much gahhh !!!!

我真系好中意考试啊 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know ... either i'm gila .. or i really like to have exam .. huhuhuhhu ~~~~

because tension , stress , unsleepable , cant memorize ... etc....

Going to have my 1st midsem exam paper today for my 2nd last semester in UKM .... is this sounds better ???

hu ~~~~~~~~ TOXicology ... our new friend in this semester ...  something like toxins in biochemistry ... yes ... the mushroom toxins ... hahah ..which Dr.S will sumbat us later ... this mid sem exam only covers the basic principles and introduction of toxicology .... means ? a lot to understand , a lot to memorize if u don understand , a lot to copy paste if u understand but u duno how to write in BM or BI ... copy paste from people next to u ? no problem , if u can do it , or ur friend lets u do so ... and make sure ur friend really how to do ... lolz .. If it is easy, and my brain still have space to save data , i give u some tips what are coming out this yr .. please pray hard that I know how to do ...

After that ? MERDEKA ! MERDEKA !!!!!!!!!!!

Yet , the 1st day of Sept, we are going to present our proposal presentation .. What the heck is that ? Wait me tell you after i present it ...

September is coming, on last month, we still confused,panic,stress, tension,blur, what is thesis ? what is proposal ? what is full paper?what is abstract ? what is extended abstract ? what is this ? what is that ? who is my supervisor? what topic should I choose? why why why ?? what  ? how ? when ? where ? .... too many questions ..... annoying .. irritating questions ... arghhhh .......... We are like new born babies...our brain cannot function .... wuargghhhhhhhhhhhh

Public holiday is not a holiday for us,I thought this will only come out from us when we are working ... yet it came. But fortunately, we like it! It's not a holiday ~ but we still enjoy ...A professor said stress is good and after that is fun time ~ yup yup yup .... work hard 1st ,play harder later =) this is how you enjoy and survive in your socalled "unis life"


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