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Monday, September 21, 2015

I live my way (9)_Langkawi_The ocean residence hotel

There are three types of rooms available, long house, villa and container house.

This is container house, where we stayed. In fact it is same as in their website, WYSIWYG.

swimming pool area from container house view


very chill pool
we really enjoy the pool at the night time as not much guests. Can feel high privacy.

You can tell the difference of cameraman and photographer... I looked so awkward.... with some coconut tress at the back.....

This is the longhouse room. They have private pool, direct access into the pool.. looks cool...
room 1

it was linked through the bathroom. One is shower room.

room 2

our living room.. looks great

People who really know me, I like to watch TV .. LOLx

We book the hotel through and I have 15% off, pay via UOB credit card, so it ended up around RM1200/ 3 nights . We asked for extra beds as the room can accommodate 4 adults only. They can add two more extra beds, RM 58/bed/night.

You can opt not to add extra bed and sleep on the sofa, but this room has "mickey mouse". The hotel is located just besides the sea and we also can see lizards outside the garden.

And how we know there is mickey because one of our cup noodles were half opened on day 2 morning  and the seasoning packet was missing..... *scream* .... and I was the one who discovered it.
I didn't sleep on the floor for the nights after....

We do feedback to the housekeepers, I think they can improve by at least do some pest control. 

Another thing to be improved shall be the breakfast variety. Not sure due to low season so the choices are limited or they serve all time the same. But overall the taste is good and edible. Staffs are friendly and helpful.

p/s: photo credit to note4 owner, most powerful cameraphone among us.


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