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Saturday, February 19, 2011

lay back, the Saturday's afternoon ~

TOday is a busy and lazy day ....

Weather is HOT !

Yet it is good for exercise ... extra tools for you to sweat , burn out your excess fats !

I'd finished a korean drama within 2 days, from Thursday till last night, .

In fact, I have no intention to follow up the korean dramas. 1st of all, the main actors did not attracted me, yeah .. he is handsome yet he is getting old, Hyun Bin.  But once I watch the 1st five episode, I'm addicted. The story .. is common ...The cinderella story again ... a poor girl meets a prince... and then ... and then .. the end.

Another drama, DreamHigh, a drama leading by the youngsters actors, members fromT-ara, 2pm etc.. but then it reminds me, I am young no more. The actress is 17 years old, Suzy... omg !! I am " 언이" .. means Elder sister.. no more .. the young and little girl..

LIfe is so lost recently ... the last mid sem exam .. maybe the last ... that I am going to sit will start next week

And then the last final exam .. the exam draft has out, last day will be on 26 Apr.. if im not mistaken ...

& what's next ?

That's what I confused.


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