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Sunday, April 3, 2011

hmm .. G00d Saturday outing

Finally, the study break came and this would be the last study break =(.

Early morning , went to KL to have great breakfast @ Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie  , which is a French-style bakery.. Yet, what do they attract me is not the breads, but the cakes.. omg omg ....

However, it is a breakfast time, sure i go for their breads and coffee =) ~

( in fact , the cakes are really irresistible .
The thing rushed into my mind: " i mus buy this for my sv's birthday ! )

I'm sure after you visit the link you must wanna go for a try !! Am I right ?

After a satisfied breakfast, went to visit The perfect Livin' fair at PWTC .

Not much booth as the previous, nothing spotted.

Next, went to Pavilion for a movie, but before a movie,there was a lunch . ( the day was full of food ! )

> Grand MAma .. I visited few times but i never blog about it .

> Snowflake ( same, visited few times but never blog), and there is always many people queue up. & the best seller always be the one and only which is the most nice .

The movie > 单身男女 (Don't go breaking my heart ), starring by 高圆圆, 吴彦祖 (Daniel Wu), 古天乐 (Louis Koo) .

oh no ....................... very touching and romantic movie T______T . 超给力的现代爱情.

I expected in the end the girl would choose Louis Koo, who she named it 贱男 ( "asshole" ).. hehe .. but it was not.

and the song in the movie, used as the promotional song as well , 爱很简单,great... no matter how long is the song, it does reflect , the reality ... 爱...真的很简单... ?

In fact such story is rarely to be happened in real life ( I guess ), that's why it is only happened in movie. well, just let me meet one of them, that's good enough .. hahha !

Guess what was my dinner??

STEAMBOAT ! haha .... 好好海鲜火锅之家  at Sri petaling ..


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