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Monday, February 20, 2012

it was a good monday

Alright, pray does help. Today is not too bad Monday... another sale is coming in ... but today seems the vacancies are not much .

I talked with a "squid" after 2 months we did not on the phone / last meet  .. lolz !!  until phone out of battery . Yes, most of my friends are seafood members, tools, chemicals, microbes, power of physcis, abstract objects, gay,  etc etc ..

Also thank god, somebody dinner with me tonight so that it did not sound too pity yet today I overspent on eating .....  Only after I feel too full then I realized how much I spent on getting all the gas in my stomach ..

Last week I was too poor to have nasi lemak every lunch and dinner.. this week and coming week , I need to fast I guess ..  Salary ... can you come faster ?? I'm wondering how much is my commission from my 1st sale in my life . I hope it does not too ridiculous .. LolxxXXxxx  .. I mean ridiculous little .... 

I and my friends have some bottlenecks in our career path ... I feel I am good motivator and positive enough to encourage others , but somehow , it never works on myself .... can't hypnotize ownself  =.="


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