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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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i am so so so so so so exhausted today ! Did lab before 8am lecture, return to lab at 10am... couldnt remember what i've did before 1pm... im just know the battery life of mine today was finished up rapidly, before lunch time, 1pm. Went back from outside around 1 something, started lazy to continue the works.. very very lazy and not passionate ... and met with my sv who was going out for lunch ... so he was as busy as us too ... and we shouted , screamed at the car park .............. papa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i mau tidurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ................ as we were informed in the early morning that he was going to give lecture at 4-6pm, yet he just told me yesterday that he is not the lecturer who came in 1st ... well ..dont care ..  i just know i am lazy and i want to rest at that time !!!

but ... nothing helped... have to get back to the hell lab again ... unfortunately aircon was spoiled somemore .. i feel dizzy, headache, nausea ......... etc ...text to papa.........   papa ~~~ buy me cofffeeee before u come back ............. i'm so so so ssssslleeppyyyyyyyyyy oooo .. but he said go back and sleep and have nice dream... OMG ! U r my nightmare how could I have nice dream ??????

lolssss ..........

Went dr.comel's room to confirm the timetable again & asked him to go hi tea this week... he is agreed yet when i went to my sv's room , he is not free on the day. The day my sv free we are not free :~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that's the cons of new semester which everybody hates ...

after some time get rest in my sv's room, disturbed here and there.. arranging the messy paperworks... ( oh ! today he gotong royong his room , but only small part, which is his table ... i can't control myself to tease him : dr. u also know your table very messy aaaa .... hahahah )

he was reminding me to go for lecture & i thought he is going to go. But then he said, dr.comel was about going.. aduiii........... so in the end he never be the lecturer who came in 1st .... but during lunch time he was asking me to go back ! aiks ! special MC given

i was really sleepy ! but dr.comel was telling many jokes today & the "extra knowledge" he gave today were so so so "deep-think" ........ my eyes were fishing .... maybe 100 tan ...

"we are nothing" - new quote
"so you don't need to work hard" ...- again , this statement is always being delivered to me from my sv... NIgHTMARE ! it just makes me work even harder ! more than 13 hrs in the fac .. gosh ..

Two days of new semester, has brought me, a hectic lab works life,  lecture + labs = killing you 90%

And the miserable assignments ! A day an assignment, keeps life away !! everybody is screaming and shouting !!


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