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Monday, April 2, 2012

Chatime Thirstea Card ~

Guess what ? If you a big fan of Chatime you might spotted this coming soon in Chatime FB page =)

I guess this is a lucky April for me ,. as I was so so so lucky enough to win a movie contest last week , click here .

And , surprisingly I received the 2nd luck from Chatime =D , when I opened up my mail box after back from the killing monday blue working day  *_*  ..

Introducing you the Thirstea Card 

This is definitely cheer my day up :D !!! yyAYyy ~~~~~

So how to get this ? I guess this is from the redemption cards and random selected by Chatime to enjoy this privilege =) ... Okay ... stop guessing how much I had spent on Chatime :X

What is Chatime Thirstea Card about ? Please refer as attached = ) .


The design is cute , by Driv . The design is inspired from all things good and pleasing about a singular subject - T E A  .

This card is applicable starting 5th April 2012 , guess there are more and more people will get it on hand within these days .


Agnes Sim said...

hi, i got it 2day! but i failed to login in at HOw about u?

Barbie @ eSter said...

Dear Agnes,

ya , I cant login as well =(

Agnes Sim said...

Oh..okok..Till today still cant login. I've sent a mail to them for request. ;-) waiting for their reply.

Barbie @ eSter said...

It's activated now =) ~

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